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BCG and OPV -- 1 dose each
DPT and OPV -- 3 doses each (6 weeks,10 weeks, 14 weeks)
Booster at 1 1/2 years, 5 years
Measles and OPV -- 1 dose each (9 months)
(OPV stands for Oral Polio Vaccine)

In addition, vaccines for rubella, mumps, typhoid, hepatitis and brain fever are also available and can be given to the baby is advised by the doctor. You should remember that getting booster doses every few years is very important to maintain the protective effect of the vaccines.

After getting a vaccine, a baby may have slight fever and swelling which are normal accompaniments. Mild fever, cough, cold, or similar illnesses are no contradictions to administration of a vaccine.

It is imperative that a record of immunization received by the baby is maintained and presented to the doctor whenever the baby is shown for any reason.

The cards that are available for this purpose have a provision for regular recording of weight also, thus giving a good opportunity to know about the health status of the baby.

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