( By Dr Tejinder Singh )

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Let's Sum It Up

In the preceding sections, we have attempted to give you a broad view regarding various aspects of health concerning the mother and the baby. It is possible that in some instances, you may want to know more than we have told and we would welcome any discussion on any of these or related aspects of health.

Maintaining good health requires a deliberate attempt and you as a fortunate mother can play an important role. You should give due attention to your diet. Try to defer your marriage till you are 21 years of age. There are many methods of family and the nearest health worker can be approached for guidance in this regard. Similarly during pregnancy, maintain contact with your health worker so that deviations from normal can be recognized and treated at the earnest.

Breast-feeding remains the best not only for the baby but also for the mother. Continue it for atleast 3 months after which semi-solid foods should be added to a baby's diet. Homemade natural foods should always be preferred over artificial and tinned commercial products.

The immunization schedule should be followed and a proper record of the same should be maintained. Do not hesitate to contact your health worker in case you have a doubt or a query on any of these aspects

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