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After reading this Chapter answer the following questions:

1. What did you learn about the relationship between the advanced countries and the environment of the third world countries?
Please give examples from your recent reading which reflect this trend of relationships between the advanced and thid world countries.

2. From your expeirencem, discuss instances and examples where distant events and development policies have adversely affected the lives of the people or the environment in the immediate neighbourhood.

3. What are the major occupations of people in your area?
Discuss with two occupational groups and find out how their work has affected their health?
What are their suggestions for improving the situation? What can you do to helep them?

4. As in Section III of the chapter, initiate a process of discussion with a group of local people. Discuss with them:

(a) What changes have taken place in the local environment over the past 20-30 years?

(b) What have been the causes of these environmental changse?

(c) What do the members of the local group think can be done to improve the situation?

Do you know of any local examples of people’s initiative to save or reconstruct the environment of your area?

Describe the sequence of events and the action being undertaken.

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