How do I subscribe?

  • For a Doctor paying directly by himself for the subscription : Rs. 11,995/-.
  • For a Doctor being gifted a subscription by a Pharmaceutical company : Rs. 11,995/-.
  • For a Doctor who works for a Pharmaceutical company / a Corporate Hospital which will sponsor this subscription : Rs. 15,995/-.

    In order to subscribe to the MDConsult Core Collection, please mail a Demand Draft payable to Health Education Library for People. Each MD Consult Subscription now includes subscription to First Consult

    You can now have your own personal medical library, which is constantly updated, so you never need to buy another medical text book again in your life !

    Send this with a covering letter
    ( which includes your email address ) to:

    HELP - Health Education Library for People
    Excelsior Business Center,
    National Insurance Building,
    Ground Floor, Near Excelsior Cinema,
    206, Dr.D.N Road, Mumbai 400 001.
    Tel. No.:65952393/65952394/22061101/22031133

    and we will email you your password in 2 working days.

    This special price is for individual physicians only. This is a single user password, and allows unlimited searching of MDConsult for a full year.

    Warning: MDConsult can become addictive if you enjoy learning !


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