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What is LSPSS?

The Lok Swaasthya Parampara Samvardhan Samithi (LSPSS) is an All India network of individuals, groups and organisations committed to the cause of revitalization of the Indigenous Systems of health care and the widespread folk health traditions that exist throughout the country. The major objective of the Samithi is to work for the reconstruction of `Lok Swaasthya Paramparaas' (Local Health Traditions) and in this process to revitalise the traditional self-reliant model of primary health care existing in the Indian Society.


It is a well-known fact that throughout our country there exist numerous Folk traditions of local health care in tribal, as well as other areas. Many of these traditions are validated when evaluated in the light of the Indian Health Systems - such as Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani system. The carriers of these traditions are the millions of local village healers, midwives, housewives etc. These traditional practices deal with a number of basic health techniques like treatment of common ailments and home remedies. In some communities there also exist special traditions like bone setting, visha chikitsa, treatment for certain chronic ailments, diagnostic methods such as naadi pareeksha etc.

It is a fact that in spite of their great potential the Paramparaas are today in a weakened state. It is however, our conviction that a revitalization of these traditions can be brought about by encouraging an interaction of these traditions with the organized Indian system of Health, i.e., Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani etc. Because of the symbiotic relationship between these indigenous science and the Lok Swaasthya Paramparaas, such an interaction would lead, on the one hand to the strengthening of the Lok Swaasthya Paramparaas and on the other hand would breathe more life into the theories of these systems which need to reestablish their contact with the larger Indian Society. It is with this understanding that the LSPSS was formed as a network, in December 1985, when over 30 organisations and many individuals from all over the country met at the Kashele Village of Maharashtra to share their experiences.

Objectives of the Samithi

  1. Undertake surveys and documentation of the Lok Swaasthya Paramparaas in the country

  2. Create centres for training, research and documentation

  3. Institute fellowships, study/travel grants for folk practitioner

  4. Establish an active network of Indigenous health scientists and other individuals and groups who can contribute to the Samvardhan work

  5. Conduct and encourage policy studies and on its basis, make recommendations to all concerned and work towards their implementation

  6. To establish medicinal gardens, forests, nurseries and promote the same in collaboration with individuals, institutions, local bodies etc

  7. Design, disseminate and promote the preparation of science education materials on indigenous health science inclusive of Lok Swaasthya Paramparaas and to work for the incorporation of such materials in the curricula of schools, colleges and any other educational processes

  8. To organise conventions, exhibitions, workshops, etc. to highlight exchange, inform, and evaluate work in this field.

Contact Address :
Patanjalipuri Post
(Via) Thadagam
Coimbatore - 641 108.

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