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The word Prakruthi means "nature" or natural form of the build and constitution of the human body. It consists of two syllables `Pra’ and `Kruthi’. `Pra’ means the `beginning’, `commencement’ `source of origin’ and `Kruthi’ means `to perform’ `to form’. Together they mean `Natural form’ or `Original Form’ or `Original Source’. Disease occurs when there is a change from this original form at the psychological level. When an individual is in his `Origin’ state without any change in his psychological and physiological function he is in a state of balance and harmony. He is said to be in his `Prakruthi’ state or the original form which represents his natural healthy state. `Vikruthi’ is the opposite of Prakruthi and means unnatural form. However, the basic build up or Prakruthi does not change.

Ayurveda lays great emphasis on the examination of the `Prakruthi’ which is the natural state of an individual and only after this the disease condition or `Vikruthi’ is examined. This is very important because only by understanding the original state of the body function can one understand the possible derangement in the functioning and avoid illness by providing guidelines. The primary aim of Ayurveda is to maintain health in a healthy person and hence the knowledge of constitution is imperative.

While the expert in modern medicine is busy analysing the disease of an individual, the expert in Ayurveda is equally interested in finding out what type of individual is suffering from the disease. If the original form of Prakruthi of an individual is well understood one is in al better position to suggest the appropriate management procedure to be adopted for treatment.

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