( By Dr Ramesh Kapadia )

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I  am indeed indebted to my patients, who, month after month, year after year, have been regular in their attendance for the follow-up examination. They have taught me the value of doctor-patient relationship and helped me to develop an insight into the complex problem of coronary heart disease. As I look back over thirty years ever since I passed the Membership Examination of Edinburgh with Cardiology in 1962, I am filled with a sense of immense satisfaction for which all credit goes to my patients.

Both my father and grandfather inculcated in me the spirit of service. My teachers gave me love and correct guidance in integrity and industry. Dr. Larry Dossey came into my life and I got an approval to my way of thinking from a seminal thinker of repute. Dr. Dean Ornish filled up the blanks.

And how many friends, young and old, have come forward to help the cause ! They are all uppermost in my mind as I gratefully recall the way they have rallied round me at every stage, right from the start in the conduct of this program. The costraint of space does not let me mention them all here.

I am very fortunate in my wife, Kokila, a consultant pediatrician of repute known for her love for both the mother and a child. She has shaped me not only as a physician but also as a human being. Her contribution to the Universal Healing is beyond measure.

My wife has been an indescribable experience of some invisible authority leading me all along ; my obeisance to the Supreme and Eternal.

Ahmedabad, 30th August, 92

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