( By Dr Ramesh Kapadia )

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Allopathy And Alternative Therapies

A time has come for a ratonal view regarding the usefulness of alternative therapies in treatment of all diseases, specially in those which are not yet amenable to cure by allopathy. An alternative therapy may prove useful in a particular individual for a particular ailment when allopathy fails to help that individual. It is important to keep in mind the tremendous progress done by allopathy in the recent years in eradication of infectious diseases specially tuberculosis and the deadly and disfiguring disease like smallpox. Surgery has also become very safe with the advancement of allopathy. Like any other powerful weapon, the use of which can be either for good or for bad, the indiscriminate use of powerful allopathic drugs may at times harm an individual. This has increased the responsibility of allopathic practioners. It explains a very intensive curriculum for the graduate and post-graduate students of allopathy. Generally speaking all systems of therapy have some special merits as well as limitations in each of them.

In the evolving medicine of the future any therapeutic approach to be complete will have to treat the body, mind and the soul of the individual.

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