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3.1 Coordination Activities

Assessment of this component measures the health disaster preparedness program's working relationship and coordination with key authorities and institutions. The assessment should be carried out to define the:

Level of coordination with technical departments or units within the Ministry of Health;
Level of coordination with other health sector entities;
Level of coordination with other sectors.

Key indicators/questions:

Is there effective participation of other technical units in disaster preparedness activities?

Which institutions are currently participating in disaster preparedness activities together with the health sector?

Is there a mutual understanding or agreement with other health institutions?

What is the relationship and level of commitment with Civil Defense, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Housing, and other key institutions that play an important role in emergency situations?

Are there provisions, current agreements, or joint activities with the UN agencies, bilateral agencies, or NGOs?

Sources of information:

The assessment team should visit the offices of the Civil Defense, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, FAO, and other selected UN or bilateral agencies as well as selected NGOs.

Summary of findings:

The summary of coordination activities should define the degree of involvement and commitment of the agencies participating in the interview

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