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How to Get Started

This self-study course is designed to assist those responsible for meeting the health needs of people following a sudden natural disaster. It is designed for health care professionals, paraprofessionals, and those in training, as well as government personnel, and representatives of private voluntary agencies.

This course deals with disasters caused by destructive storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sea surges. Specifically, it covers the effects of such disasters on environmental health.

The course is based primarily on the scientific publication, Environmental Health Management after Natural Disasters, published by the Pan American Health Organization.

The procedure of self-study is:

Complete and score the Pretest. Do not be disappointed if you have a low score. if you had a high score, you probably do not need this course.

Read the Outline of Content, to get a general idea of what is covered in the course.

Read the Learning Objectives, to gel a general idea of what you are expected to learn from the course.

Turn to Lesson 1: An Overview.

Review the Study Guide section for a brief description of the lesson and any special suggestions on how to study.

Again read the Learning Objectives.

Carry out the Learning Activities listed.

Complete the Self-Assessment Test at the end of the lesson and score it using the answer key provided. If you have not answered most of the questions correctly, re-study the lesson.

If you score well on the Self-Assessment Test, proceed to Lesson 2.

Continue to study each lesson and complete each Self-Assessment Test until you have finished the course of study.

When you have completed all the Self-Assessment Tests to your satisfaction, you should request the Final Examination Package. This will include the Final Exam and a Disaster Development Problem.

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