( By Sangeeta S. Bhagwat )

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m-Keep Trying New Support Options


Finding the energy, inclination and initiative to try something new, may feel next to impossible, on most days.

There are countless safe alternative therapies. For most of us, there is much to be learned about different coping skills, psychological tools, new mindsets, deeper and clearer understanding of faith, religion or spirituality.

When one is struggling to achieve even a minimal quality of life, the idea of diverting resources towards such ambiguous activities, is very likely to seem impractical, if not wasteful.

However, any one of these may prove to be your lifeline.

Do not underestimate the strength and support waiting to be derived from such means. The learning process in itself, instills hope. It diverts your attention away from worries and fears. Actively attempting to improve the situation, lessens the sense of helplessness and takes away the notion of being the powerless victims.

It is easier to accept what one cannot change, provided you are confident, that you have exhausted every means possible, to try and change it.

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