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A Way of life

A Way of life

Naturopathy and Yoga

Naturopathy, to some people, is a system of nuisance and rigour, involving tortuous processes of treatment with remote results. In fact, such ideas and beliefs about Naturopathy are highly prejudicial and fallacious, leading the people away from the golden device of healing/ curing diseases through natural, drugless and the most harmless process. Human beings are an intrinsic part of Nature. Therefore, nothing except Nature can facilitate a complete cure for human machinery disorders. Naturopathy attempts to bring the human body close to the Nature and Yoga tries to keep it there. It is, therefore, a misfortune that Naturopathy and Yoga remain ignored. In fact, the primary cause of all diseases is "the violation of Nature’s laws " , i.e. breach of rules of diet, exercises, drinking water, relaxation, sleep etc. "Disease as such is the self purifying effort f Nature," proclaims Naturopathy.

Dr. Lindlahr, an eminent Naturopath, states : "Every acute disease is the result of the cleansing and healing effort of Nature. If you suppress the acute conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying the foundation for chronic diseases. All diseases, from a simple cold to skin eruptions, diarrhoea, fever etc. represent Nature’s effort to remove from the system, some of the accumulated morbid matter and some poisons dangerous to health and life" is the basic premise of Naturopathy. Drugging is like whipping an already exhausted horse.

Naturopathy believes that the germs which causes disease appear and flourish only where morbid matter has accumulated. Hence, a disease cannot attack unless there is already a soil in which the germs can thrive. When morbid waste products in the body become very strong, the self-curative forces ( vitality ) work at low pace and Nature loses its fight, resulting in disease.

According to the basic concept of Natoropathy or Nature Cure, all healing comes from within the body itself. This is to say, there are self-curative forces which are inherent in the human body working towards health and healing. In fact, a Naturopath simply provides required guidance, whereas self-control, diet control and exercises to be adopted by the patient, play major role in the healing process.

Accumulation of waste products in the body, by eating wrong types of food, over-eating or poor digestion and assimilation, is considered one of the major causes of ill-health and various diseases. Nothing eliminates these waste products more effectively than fasting and enema. The human body is a sophisticated tough machine. Most of the diseases can be treated and cured by cleaning the body through natural, eliminative and physiological processes.

Naturopathy, which is a wonderful drugless process of healing, is not a miraculous panacea. Even after relief or cure, certain precautions like diet control, exercises and some treatments are to be continued for a long time. Yet it is beneficial, compared to drugging, which only suppresses the disease and may give rise to some other ailments. Naturopathy works wonders on many, but not on all the acute and chronic diseases. For example, it is not advised in medical emergencies and in serious dreadful diseases like cancer, heart trouble, stroke, kidney failure and so on, for which the modern system of medicine should be preferred. Unfortunately, Naturopathy has not been developed to that level due to lack of research, resources, attention, dedication and enthusiasm. While it cures many diseases and provides sure control / relief in respect of some of the otherwise incurable ones (as described herein via a thorough cleansing detoxification of the system ), it also helps one lead a healthy and disease-free life even during old age.This is possible only if one obeys its rules and develops the WILL POWER or self-control, especially control of the palate, i.e. eating habits. Besides, one has to have patience.

An example is given below to help the reader understand how Naturopathy cures diseases :

Suppose, someone is suffering from a chronic disease, say amoebiasis, Allopathic medicines, being poisonous, will try to kill the amoebae (parasites ) so that the system becomes clean and without any amoebic infestation. But, as a matter of rule, these medicines cannot destroy the eggs which are safely hidden inside the cysts. The cyst coverings give protection from the poisonous drug for a period of 7 to 10 days of administering the medicine which itself cannot be continued as it may kill the patient by its poisonous side-effects. Hence, these previously dormant parasites come out from the cysts and subsequently become very active and multiply into a big army in a short span of time.

Therefore, the disease remains the same or gets even aggravated. Again one cannot continue in life with such course after course of treatment as it is bound to have adverse side-effects in the long run. Hence, medicines are no solutions , but rather a suppression.

In case of Ayurveda and Unani, the aim is to drive way the parasites or amoebae from the system through the rectum via morbid matter, but this again cannot put an end to the huge army ( millions of them ) even for a long period , because the process and effects are almost the same. Though less poisonous, the method is irritating and if taken for long, may cause other problems like ulcer, liver problem, indigestion, diarrhoea etc.

If viewed from the Homoeopathic angle, it is a trial and error game. You go on trying and a time may come when your target is hit. Its process being very slow, the medicine cripples the parasites and makes them ineffective as long as it is continued, but the sooner it is withdrawn the earlier the trouble re- starts. Similarly, there are other systems which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Now let us analyse how Naturopathy works. It starts at the root and treats the disease with cold water treatments like hip bath, mud pack, stomach pack, enema and gastro-hepatic pack ( mostly cold treatments on the abdomen). The parasite or amoebae cannot thrive in the cold ; whereas heat is conducive to their survival. Hence they start dying or running out slowly and steadily. Even the cysts are destroyed or damaged. Thus the breeding and growth of the parasites are restricted. With the help of the above treatments, fasting and enema, the entire army of parasites is drained out through the rectum in a period of 15 to 20 days, if taken continuously.Thereafter , the patient is gradually brought to normal diet. One must learn Yoga and continue exercises or/and brisk walk every walking after which one will never have this problem again.

The other problem is how morbid matter, stuck in the cells of the liver, inside the abdomen, intestines etc. is to be removed, and to clean the system and get rid of various diseases generated by this morbid matter which gets accumulated due to bad and irregular eating habits over many years. No method can remove this hard-stuck morbid matter which is like pitch or gum, even if the whole system is opened by surgery, what to speak of medicines ! For example, take an envelope with a stamp strongly pasted on it. Can you remove it simply pulling it? No, you will have to soften the glue with water, rub it cautiously for some time and only then will the stamp slowly come out. Naturopathy works the same way and hip bath, mud pack, enema, fasting etc. play the same role as water in cleansing the system which is not possible by any other medical processes.

Some wise people adopt an intermediate route - occasionally taking mild herbs and at the same time practicisng Nature Cure and Yoga. It is advisable that one should not be very rigid or averse in using herbs. Although Naturopaths will not compromise on this advice, in practice, it is not possible to lead a purely natural life in modern times. Therefore, one can and should not attempt these as far as possible. In today’s fast life one cannot restrict one’s duties to six hours, maintain regularity of exercise, take purely natural food and completely avoid hurry, worry , anxiety, tension, impatience etc. all of which are against Nature. It is inevitable to be social and to attend some late evening dinners of weddings, functions to oblige friends / relatives.

In the order of healing sciences, Naturopathy stands first, but unfortunately it is practised last after hopelessly trying all other medical sciences. It is beyond doubt that Nature cure is a sure cure for a majority of the disease and though expensive, it is very effective. In other words, it is a drugless healing which is unique because it has no side effects whatsoever. For most of the diseases like stomach/abdominal troubles, high blood pressure, diabetes,headache , asthma and liver disorders, regular exercise and simple treatments which can be taken even at home are effective.

Nature cure is curative, preventive and also educative.

It is also very soothing and harmless, although it demands a little sacrifice and patience.

One may ask if this system is so good and beneficial why has it not progressed much compared to other systems of medicine. The answer for this has been summed up aptly by Mahatma Gandhi as follows :

"Inspite of their limited scientific knowledge,the Naturopaths make tall claims and nurse a feeling of grievance against medicos. They lack the spirit of organisation, each one is self satisfied and works by himself instead of pouring in resources for advancement of their system. No one tries to work out in a scientific spirit all the implications and possibilities of the system. No one tries to cultivate humility. It is my conviction that so long as some dynamic personality from among the Naturopaths themselves does not come forward with a missionary zeal, things will continue as they are. "

Even after 50 years, things are in the same way as they were before - very unfortunate indeed for the country and mankind at large . If naturopaths work sincerely without ego and with the required perseverance and enthusiasm, Nature Cure can do wonders. People may not desperately need those over-crowded allopathic hospitals then. They will lead comparatively disease-free lives. They won’t need to go to hospitals that frequently, as Naturopathy has repeatedly demonstrated, " Prevention is better than cure ". But for the promotion of Naturopathy in a big way, the Government’s active involvement is most essential. If the Government spares and allots even 1 per cent of the budgeted funds and attention it gives for Allopathy, the country can have big institutes of Naturopathy and Yoga in every State within a short time , and thereafter, gradually in every district. Through adopting of Naturopathy, the State could greatly improve efficiency and moral life of the people and reduce pressure on overcrowded hospitals.

A healthy body is a source of pleasure not only to oneself but also to others who look at it. Thus, to possess a good, healthy body and mind is a great social and economic advantage with Naturopathy.

Yoga, if combined with Naturopathy, is another important healing science - also drugless and natural, but misunderstood and misinterpreted in certain aspects by some people. By itself, it generally cannot cure most of the diseases which Naturopathy can, but its role is equally useful in combination with Naturopathy and vice versa. In fact, Naturopathy and Yoga are like two wheels of a cart and if both are practicised together, it can give wonderful results.

Yoga is a complete science of life and although ancient one, it has become popular only in the recent past. It is a scientific method for exercising and relaxing to ease the tensions and stress of modern day living.

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