( By Dr. S. R. Jindal )

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"Nature never did betray the heart that loved her "

- W. Wordsworth

The unbridled growth of industrialisation,accentuated by modern science and technology, has created a situation, which prevents man from bestowing adequate care and attention even to his minimal personal health needs. Health is not something that can be purchased in a bottle from a drug store, but is a condition built over the years from within by our own vital processes through conscientious efforts and self-control or WILL POWER. The old adage " A sound mind in a sound body " underlines the importance of a healthy body.It is a source of happiness as it helps create an atmosphere of amiable interaction with our near and dear ones. Good health is Nature’s gift to man, but man , being preoccupied with a mechanical life-style, has alienated himself from Nature. Instead of taking full advantage of natural resources to acquire a sound health, he has developed a tendency of drifting away. In this gloomy situation, there exists a silver lining and that is, Naturopathy and Yoga, which bridge the gap and help man gain health from natural resources ensuring a long and high quality life. Then heart diseases, strokes, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, abdominal diseases and other diseases of modern civilization that cripple and kill mankind will be controlled and may not occur at all.

This book is a modest attempt to present the salient features of Naturopathy in a concise manner, easily understandable to the persons having undergone Naturopathic treatment and having faith in Nature Care. Its scope, therefore, is fairly limited but adequate enough to give broad guidelines.

The author has absolutely no intention to criticise, condemn or lower the image of any branch of medical science. Every medical field has its own utility and significance, especially Allopathy which is the most modern, advanced and widely accepted branch, having enormous and extensive research facilities with set standards : while Naturopathy is the most subdued or ignored science due to indifferent, unplanned and insincere approach of most Naturopaths and preachers / advocates of this pre- eminent branch, who out of their narrow mindedness have done nothing substantial to promote and uphold the cause of Naturopathy.

Nature Cure is a way of life. Unfortunately , in the minds of many people including doctors, Nature Cure does not stand for any definite school or scientific system of medicine and a number of unqualified persons practicising Nature Cure are simply defaming it. I feel, in the interest of patients, the time has come when Nature Cure should be standardised in India in order to give it its rightful place among the sciences of healing.

In effect, this book makes a humble effort in finding a genuine and truly helpful lifeline for many people.


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