( By Dr. S. R. Jindal )

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Disease is the consequence of disorder. Disorder is the outcome of the indiscipline. When discipline goes disorder and misery follow. Most of us do not eat to live but live to eat. Human body, like Nature, cannot tolerate undue external interference. When one becomes sick one tries to find desperate remedies which very often cause further damage to the system. The more drastic the remedy is, the greater is the damage and it becomes a vicious circle. Naturopathy is the only method which corrects imbalance caused by excessive indulgence and restores inner harmony without the aid of external agent. We refuse to learn the laws of Nature. We refuse to understand life’s dependence on Nature. Nature is like the Trinity in Hindu mythology. It creates, preserves and destroys. Man in the name of development and progress has been destroying Nature, the consequences of which even a blind can see.

Dr. S.R. Jindal, Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Limited, established the Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences in 1978. Dr. Jindal is not only an eminent Industrialist and a well known philanthropist but also is a man totally committed to the welfare of the poor and service of suffering human beings. The Institute has become an outstanding landmark of Bangalore. It is situated on the outskirts of the City in a pollution -free area of over 50 acres where the environment is so pure, pristine and beautiful that any sick person going there is sure to feel instant relief.

Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences are the curative tools used in the Institute for treating diseases on sound and scientific lines with the help of modern equipments and advanced diagnostic facilities. The Institute has grown in a very short time both in reputation and size and has earned a name all over the country. It has also been internationally acclaimed. People come to the Institute from all parts of the world for treatment.

Dr. Jindal himself is a satwik. He was able to transform a dream into reality where without the use of drugs the latent Nature’s potentiality in every human being is awakened resuscitating the lost health and vigour.

Hailing from a family of dedicated industrialists, Dr. Jindal has deep commitment towards social causes which has blossomed into several charitable institutions in the field of education, medicine, etc. In the process of his growth, he developed an outstanding love of the opulence inherent in Nature and practised Naturopathy from his young age. He has written several articles and books on Naturopathy. The book in your hand is one such attempt by the author to expound what he knows on Nature and Naturopathy to you. Dr. Jindal has written this book in an easy style so that even a layman can understand and benefit. This book will be a priceless guide to all those who want to know about Nature and Naturopathy. I think Dr. Jindal has made another invaluable contribution to the society by writing this book.


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