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Answer any 5 questions

1. Enumerate some of the major reasons why drugs are misused in our country?

2. a) Study Table 6. Classify all the drugs in your institution according to the five categories given in Table 6, and express the figures in precentage of total (comment on the result).


b) Interview 10 randomly choosen persons in your community. Find out the drugs used by them, and the dosage and/purpose for whcih used. Use Table 6 to classify the drugs. Commeent on your result. Also look into the Family Medicine Book and comment on the correctness of the dosage and use of the drug by the 10 persons.

3. a) Study Appendix 1. List out the drug combinations used in your institution and check how many are rational/irrational using the criteria given in Appendix 1.

4. a) What are the advantages of using generic names?

b) In your institution what percentage of drugs Are generic?

c) Compare the prices of ten generic and equivalent brand name drugs. What do you conclude? (For sample prices of generic drugs in bulk, write to LOCOST, GPO Box 134, Baroda 390001, Gujarat).

5. a) Describe some instances of double standards you have experienced from the drug industry.

b) What steps will you take against such practices?

6. what action steps do you plan to promote more rational drug therapy and against some of the harmful practices described in the chapter?

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