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I was afflicted with several serious diseases from an early age. At the age of 16, I contracted pleurisy and typhoid fever of long duration, simultaneously. Both these illnesses left me extremely weak. In subsequent years I suffered from numerous critical ailments, including hyperacidity with severe heartburn, breathing trouble, stroke, suspected brain tumour, chronic duodenal ulcer, spondylosis, mylagia, hiatus hernia with peptic oesophageal ulcers, suspected heart disease, insomnia, backache and prostate enlargement.

The modern medical system failed to provide me any relief from these diseases and I underwent a great deal of physical suffering and mental anguish for almost 40 long years. Eventually, at the advanced age of 55, I made a determined bid to give up all drugs and take resort to the natural methods of treatment.

I obtained substantial relief by taking recourse to the time-tested methods of nature cure, in which diet plays a major role. It was mainly through diet control that I succeeded in controlling several serious disabilities. This convinced me that a properly and carefully planned diet programme can go a long way in rooting out disease and restoring health and youthfulness.

This conviction, based on personal experience, prompted me to write a series of articles on Diet Cure for Common Ailments, which were published in many leading newspapers. Encouraged by the readerís response, I have compiled them in a book form for the benefit of a wider readership.

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