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Mr. Ramakrishna


Ramakrishnan better known as ‘Rama’ is a banking professional with 23 years of experience. He has a passion for online payments and is currently employed with Ingenico ePayments as their Head of Service Delivery.

Rama has his roots in Ahmedabad and has been married to Savitha for the last 19 year with a young daughter, Akshaya, who is 15. They are a happy nuclear family who enjoy each other’s company.

Sri Siddha Sanmarga has been a life altering experience over the years of being in the fold. They now lead a abundant, holistic life, embracing the path showed and graced by Siddha Guru Atmanandaji. The journey with Siddha Sanmarga has helped them live life with increased awareness and a realisation of what is the true meaning of life. This has assisted them in overcoming multiple obstacles in their personal and professional lives. The key to Happiness and Success has been unlocked through the journey of knowing ‘I AM’ within. They are now active volunteers in spreading the message of ‘I AM’ to the society and guide them in realising their true potential and lead an abundant life.




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