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Dr. Darius Umrigar


Qualifications   M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) (Alternative Medicine) Regd No:-

                          IBAM/RMP/A/11331 dated 27/01/2000 – Life Time


                          Diploma in Naturopathy (from International Institute of Natural Therapy,

                          Mumbai) in May 2001


                          Passed Delhi Board exams in Naturopathy in January 2002


                          Practicing Spinal and Muscle Manipulation techniques since 2003


                          Secured 81% in Doctorate of Nature Cure and Homeopathy through

                          Indian College of Naturopathy (Regd No:- 3034 dated 12/05/1994)


                          Bachelor in Science (Zoology) through Mumbai University in

                          March 1988 ( Student of  Siddharth College - Mumbai)


                          Completed Six years course in Scientific and Educational

                          Research through Zoroastrian College affiliated with the European

                          Liasion and Co-ordination board of the United Nations Peace University

                          as an Inter Governmental organization founded by the United Nations

                          organization (1988 to 1993)


                           Diploma in Computer Programming and system design course in Basic,

                           Cobol, Pascal, Fortran and Auto coder through Davar’s College, Mumbai

                           in the year 1985  and  Brief  knowledge of Steno


                           Practicing Iridology (diagnosing the sickness and present physical body

                           condition through human’s eye) since 2003.


                           Practicing Naturopathic Diet and Nutrition since 2002.




Achievements:-        Appreciation certificate and gold medal from One and only Zoroastrian College

                                 in the world  affiliated to Open International University for Complementary

                                 Medicine,  World University, United Nations  Peace University, an NGO in

                                  special Consultative Status with the United  Nations Economic and Social

                                  Council during January 2011 towards serving and Educating Humanity at large

                                 regarding maintainence of good health


                                 Appreciation certificate from Rotary Club of Bombay Harbour towards

                                 addressing their club members on Maintaining good health using simple

                     remedies during May 2010


                                 Received Gold Medal and Outstanding Humanitarian Services Award from               

                                 One and only Zoroastrian College in the world affiliated to Open International

                                  University for Complementary Medicine, World University, United Nations

                                  Peace University, an NGO in special Consultative Status with the United

                                  Nations Economic and Social Council during January 2010 towards serving

                                  Humanity at large


                                 Received Gold Medal from Katrak Foundation during March 2008 towards  

                                 serving humanity at large – \"Free of Charge”


                                 Certificate of appreciation received from Edward Yazdi N Aibara – Head

                                 Priest of Seth N H Karani Agyari during April 2005, towards spreading

                                 Knowledge to fellow human race on the continuity and connectivity

                                 between Zoroastrian Religion and day to day Medical Science.


                                 Assisted Dr. (Professor) Meher L Pavri for four years towards completing

                                 and launching his Thesis on \"Ecological Conceptions in  Zoroastrian 

                                 Avestan Texts. Vandidad, Yasna Etc”  This thesis is currently sold in

                                 International Market.


                                 Serving fellow mankind since January 1999, by treating all patients

                                 honorary through Blavatsky Lodge at Chowpatty – Mumbai, duly

                                 endorsed by Dr J M Makhija – President of Blavatsky Lodge


Experience               Part time Honorary practice in Naturopathy and Homeopathy at Bombay

                                 Theosophical Federation (Blavatsky Lodge), since 1997


                                 Practicing Naturopathy since 1995


                                 Presently employed with TATA STEEL LIMITED as Accounts and

                                 Marketing assistant since 1990


Extra Curricular       Series of lectures on Health Preservation conducted at Bombay

Activities :-              Theosophical Federation (Blavatsky Lodge) since August 2001


         Series of Lectures at Shanti Lodge on Science of Vibrations through

                                 Numerology since 2002


                                Accounts and Administration support rendered during Annual

                                conferences of Zoroastrian College at Taj Mahal Hotel during 1988-89


                                Delivering health lectures at HELP (Heath Education for People), Senior

                                Citizens Group as and when called.


Giving Religious    At Karani Fire Temple at  Colaba – Cushrow Baug since 2002,

 Lectures :-             Jokhi Fire Temple at Godrej Baug since 2006,  Also  when called at Salgaris of 

                               Agyaris at Tuthi, Sodawaterwalla,  Sachinwala



Associated / Member :- Healing International , Healer’s  Ocean ( Contributed over 300 blogs  and

                                      around 50 discussions  on health and been top most member for since

                                      October 2010 onwards),  Advocates for Integrated and Holistic Health

                                     Choices Nutrition and Nutritional Healing, Kundalini  Technology, The Best

                                    Indian  Healers, Bridges to Health, Reconnective   Healing and the  

                                     Reconnection,  Rahnumae  Mazdayasnan Sabha (Life  Member)  

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