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Dr. Zinobia Madan


Dr Zinobia Madan, a lady entrepreneur in the field of healthcare has multifaceted
significant contributions in areas of clinical research, introduction of innovative healthcare
pharmaceutical & nutritional products, outstanding academic contributions, public education,
and lifestyle management in healthcare.

With a dream to pursue this lifestyle approach by appropriate counselling of diet, fitness,
yoga and lifestyle counselling measures, utilizing a teamwork approach and thereby
impacting human lives, she launched ClinOma Healthcare.

With her expertise and care, she soon transformed this dream into a reality when individuals
with stress such as executives, housewives, teenagers, people of all age groups and stress
related problems like diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal problems,
neurological problems and several others have started benefitting from stress management
approach at her clinic.

She is also the Honorary Consultant - Lifestyle Medicine at Jaslok Hospital & Research

Having started her career in 1983 as a Clinical Research student at Jaslok Hospital, she
conducted original research in topics of Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Biochemistry, &
was awarded Masters & Doctorate in 1986 & 1991. Thereafter, she joined the Pharmaceutical
Industry, where she further held Senior leadership positions including Medical Director �
Abbott, Associate Vice President - Wockhardt & Vice President - Raptakos Brett.

She also has vast experience in handling a large number of clinical research projects in
several therapeutic areas including nutrition. Her special interests in nutrition include enteral
and parenteral nutrition, pediatric nutrition, micronutrients, nutrition in specific diseases and
nutrition education.

She has guided the conduct of innumerable clinical research studies, including that of
recombinant insulin, erythropoietin, studies on vaccines, nutritional products, pain killers,
cardiac drugs, antiepileptic drugs, drugs for peripheral neuropathy, antibiotics and several

She has been actively involved in the launch of almost 75 innovative healthcare products in
several therapeutic categories in India.

In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of Medical Sciences & Nutrition,
she has been awarded the MAMS (Membership of the National Academy of Medical
Sciences), FIMSA (Fellowship of the International Medical Sciences Academy) & FICN
(Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition).

She is a member of several medical societies in India, has presented & published papers at
national and international conferences and has been a speaker for increasing awareness on
wellness and healthcare at several forums.

She recently contributed to Ernst & Young�s "The Glorious Metamorphosis � Compelling
Reasons for doing Clinical Research in India�. She also contributed to recent "OPPI Code :
Conduct of Clinical Trials.�

She is also keenly involved in collation of the clinical research data of the Parsi community
studied in several medical conditions as well as the insights into the causes of decline of the
Parsi community. In Dec 2009, at the 9th World Zoroastrian Congress held in Dubai, she
presented "The Medical Problems concerning the Parsi community.�

Through ClinOma Healthcare, she contributes to Pharma companies for launch of new
innovative products by guiding in medicomarketing activities, conduct of clinical research
and regulatory activities.

She has a desire to provide an integrated quality and meaningful teamwork approach to
as many human lives through ClinOma Healthcare, with her scientific attitude, dedication
and care, and she is confident that by doing so, she can make a difference to the world of

Effective 1st Feb, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has appointed her as a Honorary Consultant in Lifestyle Medicine.
As a Consultant, She provides lifestyle advise and care to both inpatients and OPD patients with stress and all associated  disorders like obesity, diabetes, hypertension ,coronary artery disease, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis, gynaecological problems, neurological problems and several others.
Her OPD days are Wed 2-4 p.m & Frid 3-4 p.m.
Additionally, She continued to advise patients through her organization ClinOma Healthcare at Tardeo. Also through ClinOma she continues her Pharma advisory activities.
You may also like to visit her newly launched website

Contact Details of Clinic :
Dr Pervez Daruwalla's Diagnostic Centre & Polyclinic,
232, Tardeo Main Road, Dhuna Patel Bldg, Shop No 1,
Tardeo, Mumbai 400007. Tel. : 022-23517225/23538226
Monday to Saturday: 3 - 5 pm
For Appointments Contact on Mobile : +91-9820606934
Website: E-mail:

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