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Dr. S. Srinivasan



     Over four decades of standing in healthcare / human resources

     MBBS, MD, Pune University

     Dean, Wockhardt Foundation Institute of Inspirational Studies

     Consultant, Charak Pharma & Healthcare

     Facilitator, Podar Education Complex

     Founder-Chairman, Shastri Memorial Foundation

     Editor, The Indian Practitioner

     Advisor, The Bridge Trust

     Former Faculty member, CWRU School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, USA,

     Former medico-marketing head of many pharma companies & former Senior Vice President, Aventis, Mumbai

     Author of books:

o     Value-based wellness for the service sector executive

o     Value-based management in the Indian context

o     health @ your finger tips

o     Work stress work load ok, work timing not ok

o     Stress management by staying alert

o     Social Business

     Natural orator, facilitator, motivator, humanist, conducting behavioral seminars and workshops focusing on work life balance and other lifestyle issues for corporate  and general audiences in English, Hindi, Marathi & Tamil

     Surmani Hindustani vocalist specializing in musical avenues for mind control

Failure is as important as success

Everybody wants to succeed. And keep on succeeding. Is that possible? And is it even desirable? Success is no doubt necessary for us to stay motivated and keep going in life. But failures are our real teachers. They teach us to introspect, analyse our targets and methodologies, make course corrections and improve ourselves overall, so that we succeed ultimately and in a bigger way.

Keeping on succeeding may look attractive but is impossible to achieve in life. Those who we admire for great successes have had their share of failures which egged them on the right track and eventually succeed in real terms.

Successes make us soft and even complacent. They may make us take successes for granted, thus leading to greed in the process. They also give us a lot of stress because others expect us to keep on succeeding which is against the law of nature. Every success adds to the stress quotient more than to the happiness quotient.

All in all, unless there is a right blend of success and failure in life, we cannot lead a \"normal life. The various interfaces between successes and failures will be discussed during this interactive session. There will be no preaching or gyan. We will learn from each other at the end of the session and hopefully lead better lives from now onwards.

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