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All our Health Seminar's and talks are free - please do come - you will enjoy them !

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Mr. Mehernosh Randeria


As *India‚Äôs First and Only Wealth-Wisdom-Wellness (W3) Coach, Mehernosh Randeria* helps you to discover and live a well-balanced life of affluence, abundance, and activeness.

As an Associate Certified Coach from International Coach Federation and an Internationally Certified Trainer of *Neuro Linguistic Programming*, Mehernosh empowers you to Aspire, Act and Achieve success in the 3 Ws of life:

*Wealth* - Being Chartered Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager and Masters in Financial Management, with 18 years of corporate finance experience, Mehernosh educates people in Financial Acumen for Business and in Personal Financial Fitness.

*Wisdom* - Being India's First Brainival Facilitator on thinking skills and learning skills, Mumbai's First GTD Trainer, Senior Certified Memory Trainer, Certified Gestalt Master, Mehernosh trains and coaches people on Creativity, Productivity and Mental Fitness.

*Wellness* - Being India's First Licensed Trainer of Emotional Fitness Gym and Certified Physical Fitness Trainer from K11 Fitness Academy, Mehernosh helps people to enhance their Emotional and Physical Fitness.

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