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Yoga For Diabetes

1st February 20223:30

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Anita Chandnani

Yoga Expert I Teacher I Therapist | Certified Mind Trainer 
Anita Chandnani is a Yoga expert, a School teacher, a certified mind trainer and a  therapist, who is currently owning her own practice and teaching yoga to young minds at St Marys School in Mumbai. 
An an expert, she oversees and creates yoga modules for people to support their health and well being. 
She understands people's health properly before advising them the required therapy.  
With a career graph of over 20 years in yoga and teaching, Anita brings her experience in naturopathy enabling her to lead the study for her clients and students. 
With sharp organisational and creative energy, Anita specializes in Mind Training, Power Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Acro Yoga, and Meditation of different types. 
She has a strong understanding of insights and channel play. 
Being an achiever, she helps people learn, create and grow in life.  Anita brings her passion and nurturing mindset. She believes that there is no better tomorrow if you don’t create and learn today.
Fluent in English,  Sindhi, Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi & Gujrati, she holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Mumbai University.  Contact Number: 8169581594


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