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Meta Health Series - Conflicts Around Womens' Reproductive Organs 3.cervix

21st July 2021

This video is a talk by Dr.Anu Mehta on Meta Health Series - Conflicts Around Womens' Reproductive Organs . 21 July 2021#helptalks #healtheducationlibraryforpeopleTopic : META Health: Conflicts Around Womens' Reproductive Organs : 3. Cervix This video is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP, Health Education Library for People, the world's largest free patient education library. More about Dr.Anu Mehta: the entire series on Conflicts Around Womens' Reproductive Organs: is Meta Health ? What is Disease ? IVF videos by Dr.Aniruddha Malpani

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Anu Mehta

Anu Mehta is the only Master trainer of a diagnostics tool called META- Health, and a trainer in Information technology called NES-health and  Advanced Clearing Energetics in India today.  She also trains people in  various emotion releasing techniques. Anu Mehta assists in healing people by identifying the stress, which  causes physical illness or psychological illness. Anu believes in  empowering people. According to her real empowerment can only  happen when people identify their stress and then go ahead and make  that CHANGE that is required to have happy and healthy life. The only  person who can make that change is YOU. She always says "Don�t give  up, just give yourself permission to set yourself free from the chains that  are holding you down and making you cry�. So go ahead and make that one change today that can make you feel happy and complete.  Ph.: 9930898116


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