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Ggmc Case Club: Helping Hand To Med Students 3

7th April 2021

This video is a recording of the online conference held on the occasion of World Health Day 2021. It is a part of the HELP Talk series at HELP, Health Education Library for People, the world's largest free patient education library. HELPing Hands to Our Healthcare Workers - The Journey of GGMC Case Club During the Pandemic: HELPing Hand to Med Students by Sakshi Somani & Mansi Karwa Date: 7 April 2021#helptalks #Worldhealthday #thankyoudoctor #mydoctormyhero #healtheducationlibraryforpeople #MICELABS #GGMCcaseclubSpeakers present at the conference: 1.Dr.Aniruddha Malpani, MD Malpani Infertility Clinic, Founder, HELP; 2. Dr.Ganeev Singh, Co-Founder, The White Coat Project (Impact of Health & Healthcare Workers in our Lives Today) The White Coat Project Website: Join The White Coat Project on Instagram Mr.Krishna Chaitanya, M.I.C.E. Labs, J.J.Hospital, Mumbai (Role of Doctors for Frugal Healthcare Innovations) M.I.C.E. Labs MICE Labs complete digital Profile:- Ms.Sakshi Somani and Ms.Mansi Karwa - Co-founders of GGMC Case Club, Grant Government College, Mumbai (The Journey of GGMC Case Club Amidst the Pandemic - HELPing Hand to the Med Students). Website- other speakers at the conference:

Speaker's Bio

Sakshi Somani & Mansi Karwa


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