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16th March 2021

Speaker's Bio

Mrs. Vaidehi R. Janjale

*Mrs.Vaidehi R.Janjale*


(Clinical and counselling)

*M.A, D.ed, B.ed*

*Electrical Engineer*


*NLP master*

*Study skill Expert*

 *Memory master*

*IICP Delhi Gold Medalist In Counsellor field*

*Parents Students coach*


Contact number: 9763900949


Chairman and Founder of *Brilliant Mind counselling and Healing center*


*All Psychological Testing Center...IQ,EQ,SQ,Behavioural Issues,And all other Testing*


I am in this field of counselling since last many years. I have worked in the schools and in private sector also as a counsellor.


I have conducted Many workshops for Students based on Memory and students NLP,successfully.


I write articles daily on different psychological issues as well as on parenting and post it on all social media...from that people getting benefitted for recovering from their psychological issues.


I wrote regular Blogs, Monthly for *IDA Magazine which is Indian Doctors Magazine*

for which i didn't take any charge, coz it is for students.


I have written Articles and its published in *The Education* magazine,That is also for students and remedies on the psychological issues.


Writer on Different News papers *Sakal*... 


*Lokmat Paper*  


*College Times* 


I helped people to overcome from their psychological issues.

 *List of my Achievements...*🥇🥇🥈🥈🏆🏆🎖

 👑I have achieved *GB Entrepreneurs award,Mumbai* as a Best counsellor

 Nominated for 👑   *International Education award* in the field of counselling.

 👑 *Maharashtra Guru Gaurav award 2018*

 👑 *Maharashtra Guru Gaurav award In the field of Psychology*

  👑 *Brijbhoomi Foundation award As a Most Influential Woman 2019*

 👑 *Nominated For Mi Padvidhar Award 2019*

in the field of  Health (Psychological)

 👑Nominated For *Infosys Foundation  Arohan Award*

 👑Yashwantrao chavhan youth Icon Award,Mumbai*

 Given *Help Talk,Mumbai on *Reframe your Mind and Gain Inclusive Health*


If any needy person comes to my clinic whose financial condition not good i gave my treatment free of charges.


I truly believe to work for results. I want change in my patients. *The More you Give,The more you Receive*


I like to work for society and child development so that our Nation can Grow.


*Honourable Judge At All India Hindi Essay Writing Competition*


*We conduct Workshops on all Psychological issues*


1 *Students Memory workshop*


2 *Study skills and Memory  workshop and Training*


3 *Health and Hygiene for students specially Girls*


4 *Good Touch,Bad Touch Training for students* and Sex Education.


5 *Positive Parenting activity Based Workshops*

6 *Teachers Training*

7 *Soft skills and Emotional wellness*

8 *Emotional Wellness and Stress Relief Workshop*

9 *Workshop for Business skills and Psychology*

10. *Stress Management and Remedies*

11. *Child psychology and all Behaviour Problems*


*All workshops are activity Based and with Demonstration based*



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