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Khana Jab Pachta Nahin Hai To Kya Kare ? (in Hindi)

30th January 2021

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Rita Gandhi

Naturopathic Consultant

I am Dr. Rita Gandhi Naturopath ND.

I am a nutritional counsellor practicing for 18 years with the study.

I am a Crystal & Distance healer and a Grand Reiki Master. I teach healthy herbal zero oil cooking.

I have worked with Dr. Vijaya Venkat for a long period where I was taking regional classes and chef's workshop.

I am giving lectures on Health, Nutrition, and Graha to various groups & I also conduct personal counselling for my clients. I have shared my lectures with help talk (YouTube channel) on various topics.

I am a core member in Ojas lifestyle and helping people to live a healthy life without medicine and care to cure with the changes in food pattern. I have been giving lectures and taken seminars in India and abroad also for better health and for mission Swasth Bharat 2025.

Lots of people have benefited from this Ojas lifestyle.

I have been awarded many times. I have done master in Ramal Jyotish Vidya and do Crystal Dousing also with good results.

I am passionate to share my experience and knowledge with all to be in sync with natural resources as remedies and minimize the use of chemical medicines.

  • Nutritional Counselling 
  • Alternative Therapist
  • Give Lectures on Health and Wellness
  • Teaching fat free herbal cooking
  • Chakra setting and healing with food
  • Graha and Chakras
  • Yoga, Pranayam, Detoxing
  • Reki Grand Master
  • Ramal Vaidya Jyotish
Contact No. 9987390705/7738139476


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