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Every Body Is Better With Bowen, An Australian Therapy

13th August 2019  3.30pm

Event Description

Brief Description: Bowen Is A Revolutionizing Australian Therapy In The Field Of Health Care. Bowtech, The Original Bowen Technique, Is A Gentle Form Of Body Work In Which Very Subtle Moves Performed Over The Muscles And Connective Tissues Send Messages Deep Into The Body, Retrieving Cellular Memory Of A Preferred, Relaxed, Balanced Way Of Well-being. The Technique Does Not Use Forceful Manipulation. A Unique Skill Of The Bowen Practitioner Is 'tissue Tension' Sense, Meaning That The Practitioners Are Able To Discern Stress Build Up In Muscles And Other Soft Tissue Enabling Them To Perform Specific Bowen Moves To Assist Recovery.

It Uses Thumbs And Fingers To Roll Across Soft Tissue To Stimulate The Body's Own Natural Healing Process Achieving Health And Balance In The Body. Treatments Are Carried Out With Light Clothing On Neonates To The Elderly. Only A Few Weekly Sessions Are Required To Correct The Presenting Problem.

It Can Assist Recovery From Many Conditions, From Traumatic Injury To Chronic Illness, Depending Upon Each Individual's Capacity To Heal.No Adverse Side Effects Have Been Reported. It Is Called The ' Homeopathy Of Body Works'.

Bowen Can Be Considered For 
1. Back Pain And Sciatica 
2. Digestive And Bowel Problems 
3. Earache And TMJ Problems 
4. Migraines And Other Type Of Headaches 
5. Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
6. Hip, Knee, Ankle, And Foot Problems 
7. Menstrual And Hormonal Irregularities 
8. Neck And Shoulder Problems (Including Frozen Shoulder) 
9. Groin Pain, Pelvic Tilt, And Uneven Leg Length 
10.Respiratory Problems And Hay Fever 
11.RSI, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome And Tennis Elbow 
12 Sports And Other Traumatic Injuries

Bowen Is Practiced In India Since About 16 Years. (http://www.bowentherapyindia. com)
We Will Be Talking About From Where The Therapy Originated And Came To India And How Bowen Is Able To Help In All The Above Issues. In The Last Half An Hour We Can Have A Question Answer Session

Speaker's Bio

Mrs. Tejal Bhagat And Dipal Parikh


Contact number: 9371235808

Tejal is a Bowen Therapist since 2011. 

She is a Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant. She has also done masters in spirituality and value education. 

She stumbled upon Bowen in 2008 when her husband suffered a severe spine attack immobilizing him for 3 weeks. He was suffering the spine attacks from the age of 9 years after falling from a swing and he would become normal after 2-3 days of bed rest. This would occur once or twice a year. But in 2008, the spine attack made him bent almost 90 degrees and could not straighten up. Bowen therapy resolved all the above problems. Hence, he cajoled her into learning Bowen in January 2009, after seeing the benefits he received from it – a pain free " Normal Spine” MRI report. 

Since then it was no looking back, today she has a busy clinic at Bibwewadi, Pune and also treats ladies from her residence at NIBM, Pune. Over the years, she has helped 3000+ clients in practically all the ailments mentioned in the list plus a few more. 

She is also the treasurer and an aspiring Instructor of Bowen Association of India.

Dipal Is a Bowen Therapist since December 2013. 

A Home Science Graduate from The S.V.T. College 0f Home Science -Juhu, Mumbai specialized in Hospitality Management,1995, with a work experience of more than 12 years, specialization in Housekeeping (American Hotel and Motel Association) and infection control, has worked in many Hotels, Hospitals and Healthcare institutes. She embarked on the Journey to being a Bowtech Therapist after she quit the Corporate world in 2011.

Bowtech saved her son from years of agony that he faced at a tender age, due to constipation and enema and made her take it up professionally. She is Assistant to the National Coordinator for Bowen Therapy Association of India.

Forward:- In the past 7 years since I started practicing, have had the privilege to treat patients right from new born babies to 99- year old’s and the results have been profound and I am only humbled and in gratitude for the blessings I get, having treated patients from mild body aches to severe depression, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy to even assisting in the delivery of a baby. Accepting the fact ‘That no one is above the law of nature’ has been the Guru Mantra since I entered the Healthcare Industry. 


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