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Living with a brain tumour

After treatment for a brain tumour

After your treatment is completed, you'll have regular check-ups and possibly scans or x-rays. These will probably continue for several years.

If you have any problems, or notice any new symptoms in between these times, let your doctor know as soon as possible.

For people whose treatment is over apart from regular check-ups, our section on life after cancer gives useful advice on how to keep healthy and adjust to life after cancer treatment.

If the brain tumour comes back

Attending follow-up clinics is often a worrying time as you're anxious to hear that everything is normal. In some cases a brain tumour can come back in the same area that it first started (recurrence). If this happens your doctor will explain the extent of this recurrence and how it will be treated. Recurrence is different from a secondary tumour, where a cancer has spread from a different part of the body.

Learning that your cancer has come back can feel devastating. You may find our section on coping with advanced cancer useful. You may also find it helpful to talk to our cancer support specialists. Your healthcare team can also provide a lot of support and can refer you to a counsellor if you feel this might help.

Living with and after Brain tumour

Cancer can affect many areas of your life such as your finances, work, your emotions and relationships. Find information and advice about what the effects might be, how to deal with them and how we can help.

Financial support Find practical advice on the possible financial impact of a cancer diagnosis, including what benefits you might be entitled to.

Practical issues

Information on dealing with day-to-day problems, including work, travel, and travel insurance.

Emotional effects

Information on the emotions you might experience as a result of your cancer diagnosis, ways that you might manage them and other sources of support.

Relationships and communication

Advice on how to talk to other people, talking to children, relationships and sexuality.

How we can help

Find out about the ways in which JASCAP can offer you information and support.

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