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Appendix 5 : Pre-requisties for Satyagraha

  1. Appreciate the laws of the State and obey them.
  2. Tolerance of even inconvenient Stste laws.
  3. Suffering.
  4. Self Discipline
  5. Self Control
  6. Self Purification.
  7. Try to overcome evil by good -- himsa by ashimsa.
  8. Constructive preparation include : literacy, spinning, no drink, intoxicating drugs, no gambling, simple rules of hygience, sanitation and elementary preventive measures, and training people in simple home remedies.

Rules for a Satyagrahi

  1. Will harbour no anger.
  2. Will suffer the anger of the opponent.
  3. Will put up with assaults without retaliation.
  4. Will submit to arrest and not resist removal of his property.
  5. Excludes swearing and cursing.
  6. If he has property as a trustee, heíll refuse to surrender it, even if he loses his life.
  7. Never insults the oppenent
  8. Wonít salute nor insult otherís flag or officials.
  9. In the course of the struggle, if anyone insults an offical or commits an assault on him, a civil resister will protect such offical from the insult or attack even at the risk of life.
  10. As a prisoner: Behave courteously towards prison officials; wonít perform humiliating gyrations, wonít take food insulting served, or in unclean vessels, or if contrary to his religion, and wonít ask special privileges or seem superior to other prisoners.
  11. As a unit : a civil resister will joyfully obey all orders issued by the leader of the crops whether they please him or not.
  12. He will carry out orders and keep discipline -- irksome or not. He can then appeal to higher authority.
  13. Never expect maintenance for his family or dependents. He entrusts them to the care of God.
  14. In communal fights will never intentionally become a cause of communal quarrels. In the event of such outbreak, he will not take sides, but will assist only that party which is demonstrably in the right. He will avoid every occasion that may give rise to communal quarrels.
  15. In procession, Satyagrahis will never wound the religious susceptibilities of any community.

Requisite Qualifications for a Satyagrahi

  1. Have a living faith in God, for He is his only rock.
  2. Must believe in truth and nonviolence as his creed and faith in the inherent goodness in human nature, which he expects to evoke by his truth and love expressed through his suffering.
  3. He must lead a chaste life and be ready and willing to surrender his possessions and even his life to the cause.
  4. He must be a bahitual khadi-wearer and spinner.
  5. He must be a teetotaller so his reason is unclouded and his mind constant.
  6. He must carry out all rules of discipline.
  7. He will carry out the jail rules unless devised to hurt this self-respect.

Qualifications of a Peace Brigade to Deal with Communal Riots

  1. Must have a living faith in nonviolence.
  2. Must have equal regard for all the principle religions of the earth.
  3. Must possess a knowledge of the general principles of the different faiths professed in the country.
  4. This peace work can only be done by local men in their own locality.
  5. The work can be done singly or in groups.
  6. He will cultivate contacts with the local people.
  7. He must have a character beyond reproach and must be known for his strict impartiality.
  8. Donít wait for the storm to break out, be aware of warnings and handle he situation in anticipation.
  9. Wear a distinctive dress so you are recognized without the slightest difficulty.
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