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Documents Required

  1. Marriage Certificate or an affidavit.

  2. Birth certificate or any proof of age.

  3. Income Certificate or tax returns papers

  4. Bank references and property statement

  5. Medical certificates of prospective adoptive parents (recommending them for adoption) and their children, if any.

  6. Infertility report, if applicable, or a medical report of the couple’s prospects for having biological children.

  7. Three reference letters recommending the couple as adoptive parents.

  8. Letter stating alternate child care arrangements, in case the adoptive mother is working.

  9. Photograph of the couple.

  10. Adoption Decree of previous adopted children (if applicable)

    • Accompanying the documents should be a Home Study Report prepared by a qualified social work from a social welfare agency, as well as an ‘undertaking’ by the social worker or agency that they would send follow-up report as per the requirements of the Indian Court.

    • For inter-country adoptions, the Home Study Report must be prepared by an agency that has been approved by the Government of India. Permission must be secured for the child’s entry into the foreign country.
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