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The President of India Giani Zail Singh inaugurated the 70th year celebrations of The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz in February 1987. Among the several celebration plans it was decided to conduct residential health camps for specific diseases.

Dr. S. R. Shah, a well-known cardiologist helped in organizing a cardiac camp after personally observing improvement that occurred in certain cardiac patients at The Yoga Institute. It was thus that with Dr. S. R. Shah as co-ordinator a cardiac camp was set up at the Institute in May 1987. The results were very satisfying. Dr. S. R. Shah has prepared a report to that effect, which is published in the book on pages 27 and 28.

In June 1987 a camp for asthmatics was held. In July a special camp for diabetics was also conducted. The material that became available through the cardiac, respiratory and diabetic camps has been gathered together by Smt. A. N. Desai. The same has been put together in a readable form by Shri Pradeep Kumar and Shri Norbert Metzner. Dr. Rajeshwar Singh went through the material and put it up in its present format. Many Sadhakas of the Institute helped in the work. Special mention may be made of Kumari Suchitra Parekh, Shri Shirish Ghurye, Kumari Mahalakshmi Badhrachalan, Kumari Kalpana Shah, Kumari Anjali Savur, Kumari Vatsala Wariar, Smt. Sushma Nagarkar, Shri Nayan Bhatt, Kumari Swati Desai, Smt. Sudha Kapadia, Shri Kartik Vyas and Shri S. G. Shah.

The eminent diabetelogist Dr. V. S. Ajgaonkar and the distinguished respiratory specialist Dr. A. A. Mahashur were extremely helpful during the whole project. Follow up of the camp participants continues.

Subsequently two more camps were conducted. A special camp for ear, nose and throat problems was co-ordinated by Dr. P. B. Rajput. A special gastroenterological camp was ably assisted by Dr. Vivek Patel, gastroenterological surgeon and Dr. Rajiv Ghurye a gastroenterologist. These two camps were also very successful.

The Yoga Institute intends to conduct more such camps in the future.

This book is very befittingly published on 18th November 1987, the 91st birth anniversary who pioneered the concept of Yoga Therapy.

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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