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Immunization is an effective means of preventing many diseases in a cost-effective way. This can be illustrated by a simple example- it costs only Rs 10 to get injected against typhoid but it may cost over Rs 1000 to treat a patient of Typhoid.

In our country, the government has launched a program under National Immunization Mission, which aims to immunize each and every child in our country. It goes without saying that success of this program to a large extent depends on your co-operation. If all mothers take their children for regular immunization, we will soon be able to control many infectious diseases and the amount which is spent on their treatment can be saved and can be used for constructive development work.

The facilities for immunization are available at all government hospitals and most private clinics. There may be slight variation in the immunization schedule followed at these hospitals. We are telling you the schedule, which is recommended by the Indian academy of Pediatrics and the Government of India.

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