( By Dr Tejinder Singh )

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This booklet is intended to give you a practical approach to family life. It has been written in a simple conversational style and deals with minimum basic concepts only. Our intention is not to make you a doctor- rather, we want to develop you as an aware person who knows when and where to seek help if need arises.

We hope, you will enjoy reading this book and also keep it for future reference. Your comments or questions related to this topic are most welcome. You may write to Dr Tejinder Singh, Professor of Pediatrics and Dean, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana 141008 or email at drtejinder@123india.com.

The webpage of the author is http://my.123india.com/pediatrician

Health is too important a matter to be left to chance. Staying healthy requires a deliberate attempt on the part of each one of us. The health of a family depends to a great extent on the attitudes and knowledge of the mother- whether it is feeding the child or selecting a particular cooking medium. Soon you will be entering a crucial phase in your life -that of a wife, a mother and a health keeper of the family. It is felt that if you know about certain basic concepts regarding health, it will help to a large extent in improving the health status of not only your immediate family but also of the society and the nation.

The material is intended to provide you with certain essential information regarding various aspects of health and we are confident that after reading and assimilating this information, you will be able to lead a healthy and a fruitful life.

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