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The Ayurvedic system of diagnosis of Prakruthi offers unique insights into understanding and assessing one’s health. It is comprehensive in its scope spanning both physical and mental aspects. It is not merely a diagnostic device but also a guide to action for good health. It provides detailed guideliness for adapting one’s food and behaviourr to suit one’s Prakruthi. It is essential to see that while we diagnose our Prakruthi, such a diagnosis should not become a rationalization for poor health. It should be a guide for intelligent action to tell us in which direction we should move and how we should act to improve our physical and mental well being.

Superficially it may appear that some Prakruthis are better than others - but this is not the case. Each Prakruthis type has its positive and negative aspects. Vata Prakruthi may be quick to initiate action or seize the initiative; at the same time this may also lead to hasty and ill considered actions. Pitta Prakruthi may be heroic and valarous but there may also be intolerance and inability to get along with others. Kapha Prakruthi may have stamina and capacity to undertake sustained effort - but they may be very slow to grasp things or to initiate actions.

Summing up, what is required is not regret that one is of the "wrong" Prakruthi type or aspire to be of different Prakruthi. On the contrary we all need to start from wherever we are. This means that we need to first understand where we stand and accept it. Then we need to intelligently plan to attain the most healthy state by realizing our potential. The Ayurvedic understanding of Prakruthi provides a way to do both these things - to analyse and assess where we stand and to provide guidance about where we should move and how.

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