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How to Diagnose your Prakruthi?

Examination of Prakruthi

The examination of Prakruthi is an important subject by itself and is an expertís work. There are broadly two methods an Ayurvedic expert adopts to determine the Prakruthi of an individual. They are the interrogatory method and the physical examination method.

The interrogatory method involves specific questions put to the individual. The physical examination method involves looking for specific physical and behavioural aspects of the individual. Given below is a questionnarie and the tentative answer for each type of Prakruthi which may help the reader in diagnosing his or her individuals Prakruthi. However, this should be regarded only as preliminary assessment and each individual should consult an expert Ayurvedic vaidya for confirmation of the Prakruthi and thereby take guidelines for diet, daily and seasonal regimen.

This is a general and simple way of diagnosing oneís Prakruthi. The reader answers the questions below and marks the positive answers. Each of these marks should be considered as one point obtained. In the physical examination method, for each positive sign which the individual feels or reckons to be appropriate, one point should be given and should be totalled tocalculate the score. The highest score of any particular type is the predominant dosha in the Prakruthi. Do not try and put marks in each and every column because it is possible for some of the columns to be blank.

Interrogatory Method

Question Vata Type Pitta Type Kapha Type
Performance of activities Quickly with a lot of initiative Moderately medium Very slowly initiation
Excitability Quickly Very quickly Slowly
Power to grasp Very fast Quick Slow
Memory Very short Medium Long
Digestive power Irregular Very powerful Weak
Ability to bear hunger Sometimes good Sometimes poor Poor Very good
Quantity of food Sometimes large Sometimes poor Always large Normal
Groups of taste desired Sweet salt Sour Sweet Bitter Astringent Pungent Astringent Bitter
Thirst Irregular Very often Seldom
Foods desired Warm foods Cold foods Warm and dry stools
Bowel movements Irregular Loose stools Regular well formed stools
Perspiration Seldom Very easily with foul body odour Normal
Sexual desire Meagre Moderate Abundant
Sleep Interrupted & less Normal Excessive & deep sleep
Dreams Flying, jumping,climbing hills etc. Violence,fight struggle Water bodies,clouds,romance
Attitude to problems or difficulties Lot of worrying, instability Angry,over-awed,easily Provoked & highly irritable Peacefull, slow,steady
Your talk words Very fast,missing Sharp,provocative and clear cut Slow,resonant,clear
Your talk Very quick with movements Normal Slow and steady gait
Associated movements of body while working Move legs, shoulder etc. Normal No associated movements
Physical Examination
Face Small fore-head,darkish tinge, rough skin Copper coloured with plenty of pimples Attractive good looking,bright
Body weight Light Medium Heavy
Body structure Lean,tall Medium size Heavy, short
Skin Dry, rough Soft and warm Soft, glossy,cold,clear
Body strength Weak Moderately strong Strong
Blood vessels Prominent,reticulated Less prominent with greenish yellow colour Not at all visible,deep
Body temperature Slightly less than normal Slightly above normal Normal
Eyes Protuberant,small, eyelashes scanty Sharp, eyelashes are brown or copper/reddish coloured Large and attractive, thick eyebrows
Teeth Cracked irregular dull white Moderate sized,yellowish Large,white,strong
Nails Rough,dry,less growth Slightly glossy copper coloured Long,white strong and thick
Lips Dry,thin blackish Reddish,soft,moist Thick, glossy
Hands Short Medium Long
Body hair Scanty Few and brownish Thick,dark and plenty
Hair on the scalp Brownish rough,dry Scanty,tendency for early baldness Plenty,thick,dark long and glossy
Joints Prominent Flabby Strong, well formed compact
Abdomen Thin Normal Large
Chest Thin, narrow Medium Wide,strong well covered with muscle and fat
Body smell None Foul smell Oily smell
Foot prints III defined Normal Well defined
Tongue Darkish spots Copper coloured,thin Clean and reddish
Pulse Irregular, quick Fast pace,volume is less Slow, full in volume

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