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Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems: A Brief Profile


The major objective of the Centre is to execute is to explore the current relevance and application of Traditional Indian Knowledge Systems. The two areas of focus are - Traditional Agriculture and Traditional Health Care Systems. The Centre is involved in Research, Training programmes and the Production of education material in the form of publications and audio visuals.


The following are the major activities :

  • Action research and training programmes on the use of natural products for pest control and crop protection.

  • Setting up of rural Gene Banks for the conservation of traditional seed varieties.

  • Development of the use of Biological control agents for the control of pests in the paddy eco-system and domestic pests.

  • Research on the application of Vrkshayurveda (Traditional Indian Plant Science)

  • Training programmes on the use of traditional medicine for various groups.

  • Preparation of audio visuals on various aspects of traditional health care systems.

  • Publication of Newsletters, Manuals, Monographs on traditional health care and traditional health care and traditional agriculture.

For further information regarding activities, publication etc., contact :

Centre for Indian knowledge Systems
No. 2, 25th East Street, Tiruvanmiyur
Chennai - 600 041
Phone No : 415909
Fax No : 91-4-4916316

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