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  1. Mr. U.K. Sheth - 60, a retired executive of Ahmedabad Electricity Co., had a mild attack of myocardial infarction in December 1991. He had history of hypertension 170/110, mild diabetes, weight 82 kg. and occassional smoking. His father had hypertension and coronary heart disease.

    After joining the program on 2nd June, 1992 he was further motivated to reduce his weight which is now 62 kgs. With the reduction in weight he has no diabetes now. The blood pressure also remains normal. According to him he is mentally much more relaxed than before. Previously he used to have disturbed nights. Now he has sound sleep. He can walk briskly without any fatigue. He feels very delighted when his friends comment about lively glow on his face.

  2. Mr. Jitendra Panalal Bhow - 59, a chartered engineer, had an episode of acute coronary insufficiency in April 1980. After recovery he was advised to go for further investigations . In July 1980 his angiogram taken at Huston, U.S.A. revealed 80% blockage of left main artery. Surgery was deferred and he was advised to continue medical treatment. He joined the program in October 1991. He says that he feels better and is able to walk without discomfort. His blood pressure remains normal and he gets good sleep. He says, " Whenever I feel uneasy, I immediately practise meditation for a few minutes and I feel very well. " He has gained confidence and has changed his outlook on life. He feels quite energetic and relaxed.

  3. Mr. Subodh M. Shah - 60, a businessman had myocardinal infarction in 1987. Following that he used to have angia on effort grade II to III. His stress test done on 24-5-89 was positive. He was advised for further investigations , for which he did not go and continued medical treatment. He was seen by Dr. Kapadia in February 1992 and was advised to go for coronary angiography. He did not go in for such a test and joined the program in February 1992.

  4. In the very first month he noted considerable improvement in his temperament. In his words, " I was a highly strung individual and could not sleep till early morning even after taking a sedative. I started getting natural sleep without any drug." Formerly he was addicted to twenty-five cups of tea a day. Now he can do without it. He has practically no angina now on exertion, can walk 4 to 5 kilometers without pain. IN his business he can do as much work as he wants doing 10 years ago. He has improved on all fronts. Previously he could not sit continuously for three hours because of the pain in back. Now he can sit without pain. He regularly practices shavasana and meditation at home.

  5. Mr. A.R. Shaikh - 62, a businessman had unstable angina in 1987 and in November 1988. Treadmill test done in October 1990 was strongly positive. Coronary angiography done at Jaslok Hospital on 27th November 1990 revealed 80% block in LAD, 75% in OMI, 100% in RAC and LVEF was 45%. He was advised CABG. He continued medical treatment with naturopathy and yoga therapy elsewhere on advice of a well wisher. However his symptoms did not improve and he decided to go in for CABG. Coronary angiography was done again on 14th February 1991 which showed considerably advanced diffused disease of coronary arteries. CABG was deferred because of diffused disease and he was advised to continue vigorous medical management.

    He joined the program on 26-11-91. He can now walk for an hour and is able to drive a scooter and a bicycle for 4 kms without discomfort. Dosages of drugs have been reduced. Moreover, there is improvement in hyperacidity which was due to anti-inflammatory drugs he took for arthritis. There is marked improvement in osteoarthritic pain and is able to perform Namaj twice a day. He can also sit cross-legged on the floor. He gets sound sleep. He has stopped smoking and has become a vegetarian.

  6. Mr. Ranchhodbhai M.Patel - 60, had heart attack in 1985. After the attack he continued to have breathlessness on even moderate exertions inspite of the drugs. He joined the program in November 1991. His serum cholesterol level dropped from 295 mg. to 242 mg. and that of serum triglycerides from 170 mg. to 146 mg. within two months. He can walk 4 kilometers daily without any symptoms. He drives his car. His weight is reduced to an ideal level.

    Medication is also reduced. He does not crave for tea any more. In his words, " There is improvement in my temperament. I have become more flexible. Previously I was very rigid in my views. Unpleasant events do not harass me as before."

  7. Mr. Ishwarbhai Mahipatbhai Patel - 63, a retired principal of college has hypertension and diabetes since 1988. B.P. was 200/100 and blood sugar level PPBS 235 mg. He also had osteoarthritis. After joining the program on 16-12-91, he feels that meditation has helped to change his life style specially regarding his food habits. His weight has reduced by 6 kg. Dosage for drug for hypertension has been reduced. His B.P. is normal 140/80, blood sugar level has fallen to 195 PPBS and there are no arthritic pains.

    Three months ago he could venture to join a pilgrim party going to Dakor on foot 75 kms. from Ahmedabad. He says, "My confidence has increased and if the doctor permits I want to go on pilgrimage on foot to Ambaji, 200 kg. from here. Ihave a feeling of happiness and joy."

  8. Mr. Jayendra Rathod - 46, an assistant commandant in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) , a patient of severe coronary heart disease was admitted for acute left ventricular failure in April, 1992. He attended the program for only about 8 to 10 sessions. He came for a follow-up examination on 3rd Sept.92. When asked about his health, he said that that the program of relaxation helped him a great deal in facing the most irregular stressful weeks he had to spend during the last four months. At times he had only 4 hours of sleep. During all these days he did not have to take a single tablet of sorbitrate or a sleeping pill. Whenever he felt stressed he did the stretching and relaxation exercises followed by meditation. This gave him an instant feeling of well being. This relaxation technique compensated for lack of sleep and his senior colleagues were surprised to find him energetic in spite of the very hectic strenuous schedule.

  9. Mr. Rameshchandra Jivraj Nagadia - 55, an accountant had heart attack on 4th July, 90. After joining theprogram on 3-3-92, the frequency of anginal attacks has been considerably reduced. He feels better and is able to work long hours.

  10. Mr. Vishnubhai M. Soni - 59, a civil engineer , had angina I 1984, diabetes - (blood sugar PPBS 250 mg%) and acidity.

    He joined the program in October 1991. After attending a few sessions he practices shavasana and meditation at home. He says that he has derived lots of benefits due to regular practice of meditation. He has no more anginal pain. He feels that had he not practicised meditation, he would have required to go in for bypass surgery. He gets sound sleep without sleeping pills. His anxiety is reduced. He has no acidity now and feels energetic. Diabetes is normal. He can cope with daily stresses of life easily and feels very peaceful.

  11. Mr. Bhaskar Chhaya - 55, while testing a new sygmomanometer for the sake of fun in 1987, he was surprised to find his B.P. 170/120. This led to further investigations which revealed left bundle branch block (LBBB) in his cardiogram. He had heart attack on 17-3-90. He has family history of coronary heart disease.

    He joined the problem on 10th Oct. ‘91 and attends regularly. He has improved in many respects. He can now climb the steps without discomfort. He works more than before. His tension has reduced. He feels quite energetic and alert. His B.P. is well under control 140/85, PPBS is 108 mg% and cholesterol 160 mg%. He says, " Program has inspired me to change my life style. I am now fully aware about prevention of future heart attack."

  12. Mr. Gunvantrai C.Joshi - 62, a consulting Engineering had an angioplasty done in October 1991. In spite of this he used to get considerable discomfort in chest while walking and at times even at rest.

    He joined our program in April 1992. His condition has improved. He has become so confident that with further experience of this program he feels, he will be able to avoid surgical treatment of the blocks in his coronary arteries.

  13. Mr. Shashikant Kishorbhai Prajapati - 52, Consulting Civil Engineer, had the first heart attack on 21-11-90. Thereafter he was advised angiography studies because ofthe unstable angina. On 4th Feb ‘91 he was required to rush to Madras with pulse rate of 35 p.m. ON 12th Feb’92 his angiogram revealed three blocked arteries. Bypass surgery was done on 15th Feb’92. He has the history of diabetes and hypertension. Even after bypass surgery, he remained diffident about his future. He got the benefit of the program. He says " Heart to heart talk with Dr. Rameshbhai has changed my way of thinking. My fear complex is removed and I have gained self-confidence. I have regained joy of life. " He has no trouble or complaint and feels well. He can also drive a scooter with ease. His blood pressure has come down from 180/120 to 150/90.

  14. Dr. Rohit C. Vakil - 41, a Pathologist, has a strong family history of coronary heart disease and hyperlipoedemia. His cholesterol and triglycerides levels remained at high levels for 20 years. He tried exercise and fat restricted diet for two years which resulted in negligible difference in lipid levels. Thereafter lipid lowering drugs were added. This brought down cholesterol level to some extent but triglycerides remained unchanged. Cholesterol went up again on discontinuation of the drugs. After joining the program on 2nd Jan’92 , the lipid levels came down in six months which could not be achieved during 20 years. Serum Cholesterol which remained above 400 mg. per 100 ml. is now 260 ml/100 ml. and Serum Triglycerides which also remained above 400 mg./per 100 ml. has now touched 190, without drugs. He feels more energetic now. He says that he has learnt to accept the facts of life, which has brought relaxation to him. He does not hurry or worry . His fear of sudden death is removed.

  15. Bhogilal Darji , 43 had anterior wall infarction on 26th July ‘88. He took prolonged bed rest for unstable angina in 1990. He continued to have angina and breathlessness grade III despite vigorous medical management. Financial constrains prevented him from going for further investigations. After four months of joining the program, he became totally asymptomatic. He walks briskly for 45 minutes and does his tailoring job for six hours a day. The dosage of drugs has been much reduced. His treadmill test done recently is negative. In his own words, " I am at peace with myself. I enjoy my life. I am quite productive in my work as a tailor."

  16. Mr. Shirish Mehta, 61, underwent coronary bypass surgery for severe triple vessel disease in 1989. After four months of surgery, he experienced angina and treadmill test was strongly positive in January , 1990. He continued to have angina off and on. This made him very much depressed. He lost all interest in life. After being on the program for about six months, he joyfully says, " The program has been a boon to our family life. I have started attending meetings and seminars, resuming my duties as Chairman, which I was avoiding for last one year. I walk 5 kms. easily. I am on minimum maintenance drug therapy. My serum cholesterol has dropped to 189% from 238 mg%. Fear of death has totally disappeared. I am ready to take a treadmill test now. "

  17. Mr. Bhupendra Desai, 53, with serve diabetes, had anterior wall infarction in 1989. Treadmill test done on 16th February, 1991 was strongly positive. He did not afford to go for further investigations. After being five months on the program his effort tolerance has improved a great deal and dosage of drugs also came down significantly. The remarkable feature in this case, is that his diabetic control is quite satisfactory on one ‘glynase’ tablet twice a day. Earlier even with 100 units of insulin his diabetes was poorly controlled.

  18. Mr. Gopalbhai C. Patel - 54, a professor, has history of hypertension; he got an anginal attack on 16.4.92. After ECG and treadmill test he was advised for angiography which he has postponed. After joining the program on 25-4-92 he has improved in his clinical condition. His resting ECG is normal. His weight is reduced from 86 kgs to 68 kgs. He can walk for forty minutes without any chest discomfort. His blood pressure has returned to normal and the drugs are reduced. He adds that his reactions to painful events have become mild. He feels relaxed. He is confident that when he goes for treadmill test again on advice of his doctor, the test will be normal.

  19. Mr. Jyotindra N. Patel - 40, a young businessman, has the history of heart attack on 30th Oct’88. He recovered well from the episode. After recovery his treadmill test was normal and was advised to continue medical treatment. He developed chest pain again on 27th Nov’90 for a week and was advised coronary angiography. It revealed considerable blocks in the arteries. He was advised bypass surgery. IN the meantime, however Mr. Patel became symptom -free and his treadmill test was again normal. There was a difference of opinion regarding his further management. A cardiologist in USA gave an opinion for coronary bypass surgery whereas a cardiologist in UK recommended to continue medical treatment and consider surgical procedure only on recurrence of chest pain. He joined the program on 2.10.91 Since then he is symptom free. He looks wonderfully well and energetic. He attends his business as a normal person. His confidence has increased which is evident from all his activities of life. Like many of our participants he also asserts that the stressful situations no longer upset him as before.

  20. Mr. K.J. Trivedi 62, Adviser to Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. first came to me for consultation on 23rd September 1986. He has the history of heart attack on 22nd January 1986. His first ECG taken on 3.2.86 showed evidence of anterior wall infarction. He recovered well from the heart attack. A stress test was performed on 13th June 1986 which was positive, indicative of considerable coronary artery disease,and he was advised coronary angiography studies. Coronary angiography performed on 14th August 1986 showed significant block in LAD, circumflex and RCA arteries of the heart.

    LAD showed 100%, Circumflex 99% and RCA 70% block. He was advised coronary by-pass surgery. He sought my advice for an alternative approach. He had also suffered from dueodenal ulcer about 15 years ago. When he consulted me, he had complaint of chest discomfort on moderate exertion classed as 2 B in medical terms. With adjustment of therapeutic regime, meditation, diet and graded exercise program, Mr. Trivedi fully recovered from his complaint and now he is able to walk 4 to 5 kgs. daily without discomfort. Echocardiogram done on 6th July 1988 revealed normal left ventricular function with ejection fraction 57% and there was no evidence of wall motion abnormalities. Now he feels fully rehabilitated. Barium meal showed healed ulcer on 19.8.88.

    We are narrating this case forthe wonderful beneficial effect of the program experienced by him and also to underline the pitfall of over-confidence in one’s recovery from a physical illness. We have emphasised time and again that this program is no substitute for competent medical advice and specific drug treatment of an illness.

  21. Mr. Trivedi also had history of peptic ulcer of more than fifteen years duration. Due to over-confidence he stopped treatment of ulcer and he developed malena, which dropped his hoemoglobin to 5 gr% and he had to take two blood transfusions. He has recovered after starting proper treatment for peptic ulcer. During this setback in his health, he remained very confident about his recovery and was quick to learn a lesson from this experience.

  22. Mr. Vimal D. Shah - 55, an officer in Ahmedabad Municipality had severe anginal pain in August 1990. After treadmill test he was advised to go for coronary angiography studies. He has the history of diabetes since 1987 and blood sugar level ranged between 220 - 300 mg.

    As Mr. Vimal D. Shah was reluctant to go in for angiography test, Dr. Kapadia advised him to join the program. After joining on 25.4.92 his diabetes is under control with even reduced dose of drugs for diabetes. He is now able to perform normal duties in his service without fatigue. He feels as it he islike other healthy people. IN his words, " I am now fully confident that I will not need to go in for bypass surgery for my coronary disease. "

  23. Mrs. Chandrika C. Gosalia - 50, a house wife. Hypothyrodism was detected five years ago. She was feeling well with proloid. She had an occassion to consult me on 2nd July ‘92 for pain inchest. After joining the program within a short span of two months there has been a marked improvement in angina. Dosage of drug is reduced. She feels well. She gets good sleep without a sleeping pill. Her husband, Mr. Gosalia , who has been practicing shavasana for the last ten years, says that after joining the program with his wife , he feels much more relaxed after dong shavasana in the group. The relaxation and the peace of mind felt in group was never experienced by him before.

  24. Dr. Jitendra K. Shah -54, a family physician for 25 years.

    One year ago he had a very tragic incident in his family. Because of that incident he had tension and he was getting pain inchest and many a times pain increased on exertion. He was investigated. His ECG was normal. All other investigations were normal. He was advised further investigations of treadmill and other tests.

    Meanwhile he met me and I advised him to attend the program. His wife Mrs. Pina had a similar problem of tension. She had insomnia - lack of interest, irritability and was all the while depressed. She also attended the program and felt tremendous improvement . She has gained confidence and started taking interest in all family activities. She has also come out depression. Dr. Jitendra Shah experienced great improvement in his behaviour and got the peace of mind. He recommended his ten patients of coronary artery disease to attend the program. They all are benefited and they have developed great confidence.

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