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Dietetic Restrictions

There are no ‘musts’ about the diet, except that strong stimulants are best avoided. This comes gradually on its own accord when one practices meditation regularly. There is no need to worry over it. However, with proper diet one derives maximum benefit of meditation from the very beginning. Vegetarian diet free of meat, fish and eggs, is most helpful. This does not mean that non- vegetarian food will cause harm to the practitioner. But one may not gain the same benefit that can be had with pure vegetarian diet. Remember, vegetarian food becomes unyogic when it is fried or mixed with spices.

As for beverages, very strong drinks like black tea, coffee are not advisable. It is needless to say anything further about intoxicating liquors. Again, I will stress that if one finds difficult to change over to vegetarian diet on one’s own free will, it does not really matter, because in the long run, with regular practice of meditation, craving for unsuitable food will slowly diminish.

Vegetarianism is harmless enough though it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness.

Sir Robert Hutchinson
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