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Group Discussion And Sharing Feelings

We have observed that group discussion and the sharing of feelings are also a very useful part of the program. After shavasana and meditation, the participants have a feeling of connectedness and togetherness which during group discussions and sharing of feelings results in further enhancing the feeling of connectedness. Mere expression and sharing of the problems, not necessarily finding a solution results in reduction in the stress response of the participants and brings about substantially the benefits of healing.

In fine, the program brings about unknowingly and without conscious efforts, a wholesome change in the behaviour of the participants. All along, out rishis and prophets have been postulating the theory that there is an eternal reality which is pervading through all the manifestations of the universe, which is infinite beyond the confines of space and time - omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. This observation of the prophets was difficult for the common man to comprehend, since his awareness clings to hard realities of physical existence. Experience has shown that the simple technique of shavasana and meditation taught in this program brings about this glorious objective of the scriptures in a very simple and effective manner available to the common man.

The Spindrift researchers have carried out a wonderful experiment explaining the universality of mind. IN one test, rai seeds were divided into two equal groups. They were placed in a shallow contained filled with vermiculate. A string was placed down the middle of the container dividing the seeds into A and B. The seeds of one group were prayed for and the other left out. After the seeds had grown, slendour rai shoots were examined. The results consistently indicated that there were significantly more rai shoots in the prayed-for group than in the control group. To test this hypothesis, the Spindrift researchers stressed the rai seeds by adding salt water, keeping the rest of the experiment intact. The results were now even more striking. The ratio of the treated (prayed for shoots) to the control ( not prayed for) ones increased sharply, indicating that the prayer worked evenbetter when the organism was under stress.

In the modern concept... there is no possibility of a detached, self-contained existence.

A.N. Whitehead
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