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Publisher's Note

Primer of Universal Healing is an inspiring spin-off of the Universal Healing Program run by an eminent cardiologist in pursuit of tackling the very complex problem of coronary heart disease. His lifetime of quest of some simple avenues of healing has led him to the ancient tradition of yoga and meditation without in any way steering away from the conventional medical therapy. The importance of the program which has stood scientific scrutiny is that it costs almost nothing and can be easily practised by any one ; part of it can be practised with advantage even by the patients downwith acute illness. It has helped averting bypass surgery, ( Feedback : Mr. Darji ); it is useful even after bypass surgery ( Feedback : Mr. Shirish Mehta ) ; and it has proved a boon when everything else failed ( Feedback : Mr. Shaikh). Fairly quick striking benefit was experienced by the patients with severe complaints.

The participant in the program learns to achieve voluntary control over normally unconscious bodily function. This helps to head oneself as well as send out healing energy to others. One experiences one's realidentity which liberates man from the fear of death. Healthy lifestyle changes are motivated. Peace, bliss and harmony descend on the individual, making him relaxe, energetic and very productive. Time urgency vanishes with it there is improvement in the other chronic illness like arthritis, hyperacidity, colitis and skin disease. It heals the whole individual : seems indeed a tall claim for a program so simple and inexpensive. All this is to be experienced to be believed. The books gives a glimpse of the program. Participating in the program , experiencing it even once, and meeting the author have yielded astonishing results.

It is a happy co-incidence that the book is published on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti Day when the Universal Healing completes full one year. This , again, is the year of W.H.O. celebrating its Health Day with " Heartbeat - The Rhythm of Life " at its thematic centre, indeed a happy urgury.

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