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Dr. Ramesh Kapadia, F.R.C.P. (Edin), born October 26, 1934 at Valsad, India, is an eminent cardiologist educated at home and abroad. A distinguished professor of medicine and a successful consultant, he combines in himself not only the wisdom of the East and the West but also the rare qualities of a physician and philosopher. His insights into the Benefits of yoga and meditation are profound. Rehabilitation of heart patients has been his forte. All Along he has been in quest of an answer to the problem of Coronary Heart Disease. For about three decades, besides the conventional treatment he has been having a recourse to the integral healing of man in tune with nature. His ceaselss endeavour led him to Dr. Dean Ornish in California whose experiment with the practice of the ancient Indian Yogic tradition turned out to be a creative reassuring encounter, which he has extended and accentuated as the University Healing Program at Ahmedabad in India, ever since October 2, 1991. With his unswerving faith in the medical science Dr. Kapadia looks upto it not as an alternative but a supportive therapy. He is indeed an idealist with profound concern for the suffering humanity but certainly not an idle dreamer.

Dr. Kokila Kapadia, his pediatrician wife, is a great support in this noble work.

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