( By Dr Ramesh Kapadia )

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Tomorrow's Prescription For CHD

  1. Medication
  2. Dietary advice
  3. Yogic exercises:

    1. Abdominal breathing - four times a day, each time for about 10 breaths.
    2. Five minutes of shavasan, progressive deep relaxation twice a day.
    3. Three to five minutes of meditation, three times a day.

  4. Advice to attend a centre of yogic exercises, at least twice a week to have the experience in a group.

It is our observation through a detailed study of more than 100 patients who have participated in our program that they feel much less tense and isolated after attending only 6 to 10 sessions. Each session consists of about one hour of light stretching and relaxation exercise of the various parts of the body, leading to shavasana and meditation in a group of about 150 participants. A strong point of this program is that it remarkably helps the patients who have severe diffuse disease of the coronary arteries and are considered unfit for surgery. Dr. Dean Ornish mentions that the patients with disabiling angina not responding to intensive medical treatment respondent quite favourably to the indepth stress management. In fact, he observes that the severer the symptoms the quicker is the favourable respnse. This may sound a tall claim. However, our experience also more than supports this claim. Moreover, women, on a statistical data who do not do well with angioplasty or CABG, show better results in the heart reversal program than men with CHD. In all situatins hence where conventional methods fail, the indepth stress management on the lines of the Universal Healing may prove helpful.

The reader will be happy to learn that our oriental yogic method of healing is now scientifically accepted in about 24 centres in the world. A chain of such heart reversal programs exists in USA, Canada and Australia ( List of programs included in the Appendix). These facts deserve wide publicity. Here it may be noted that the indepth stress management in the Universal Healing Program consists of five points and all of them work in unison, each one supporting the other. For example, the practice of meditation helps the participants to adhere to low fat vegetarian diet. The low fat vegetarian diet is congenial to meditation. The light stretching and relaxation exercises leading to efficient shavasana in turn, help meditation. Group discussion and sharing of feelings following shavasana and meditation are also very effective. Abdominal breathing is by far the simplest and the most effective way to reduce stress. This was borne out vividly by several feedbacks.

The Universal Healing Program during the last four years has collected data from one hundred and thirteen patients out of about two thousand patients who have participated in the program.

A therapy for Coronary Heart Disease which is effective and that too in a short run and specially more so in those who are not benefitted by conventional approach; helpful in making life style changes of smoking cessatin and moderation in use of alcohol and acceptance of low fat vegetarian diet; having pleasant side effect like relief from hyperacidity, arthritis, chronic skin disease and insomnia; easily affordable, available everywhere and easy to adopt; having a synergistic effect with any other form of treatment - A therapy with such unique features is the U.H. Program for Coronary Heart Disease.

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