( By Dr Ramesh Kapadia )

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I feel happy to present to the readers my fourth book ever since the inception of the Universal Healing Program four years ago. At the outset I am indebted to my dear participants of the Program. But for them nothing would have been achieved. Yashvantbhai Shukla, Rameshbhai Dave, Jayant Zalavadia, Nandlal Shah, Anilbhai Gandhi have been with us all along. We are grateful to no end to the C.N. Campus and the Trustees. Shri Mahendra Shah, Hon. Sec. of the Trust and his wife Indiraben are a great asset.

The contribution of Janak Acharya, our yoga teacher, Hasumatibehn Vaghani, our dietician, and Dr. Jyotsnaben Patel, our researcher, to the Program is notable. Jitendra Desai of Navajivan Trust has taken a great care of our publications. I must also thank Harivallabh Bhayani for his scholarly suggestions and Vimal Shah, Leelaben Visaria and Narayan Sheth for their help in the analytical research. Govind Mistry and J.D. Trivedi deserve thanks for their assistance. I also appreciate the staff who look after the auditorium.

But for the encouragement and support of my wife Dr. Kokila this book should have not have taken shape.

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