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Coronary Heart Disease remains an enigma so far. Its incidence is increasing even amongst the young all over the world. In India it is alarmingly high. The tell- tale causes of the disease are high blood pressure, diabetes, high serum cholesterol, heredity, smoking, etc.

In treating the coronary disease we have relied almost exclusively on the physically based therapies - drugs, dietary manipulation, exercise, surgical procedures such as bypass surgery and angioplasty. Very valuable as these approaches are we have realised that they are incomplete, frequently ineffective, costly, and sometimes dangerous. Moreover, in many cases of the coronary disease, specially among the young, the tell-tale factors are frequently absent.

The disease being purely a physical event is now being questioned by the modern science. The coronary disease, specially, over and above being physical, has important psychosocial and spiritual aspects. Even the genetically determined disease like diabetes is known to be affected by mental attitudes. The element of human consciousness has once again entered the scene of medicine. The begining of the 20th century saw a great change in the concepts of physics. The observerís consciousness is considered to be significant in every observation of physics. The new physics is termed as Quantum Physics as against the Classical Physics of Newton.

Now the medical science is also evolving on new lines where the consciousness of the individual is considered to be a very vital factor in the treatment of apparent physical ailments.

Some factors, specially an acute sense of isolatin along with hostility, self-centredness, cynicism, job and family stresses, are now considered major causes of the rising incidence of the coronary disease amongst the young. This has been relatively a recent observation in understanding the complex problem of the coronary disease. In this book we have attempted to explain hos these mental attitudes result in the coronary disease, what is the antidote to these poisons which harm the heart.

Verily the antidote is within the individual himself. How our ancient yogic discipline helps the individual to discover it is explained in this book.

Ahmedabad Ramesh I. Kapadia
2nd Oct. 1995
36, Jain Society
Ellis Bridge,
Ahmedabad -380 006

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