( By Dr Ramesh Kapadia )

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Reductionist science of specialities has been responsible for the sorry state of affairs in modern medicine today. Modern medicine, with all the tools, has not only become inhumane but seems to have lost its sense of direction. Science is heading for a crisis, while the new science of CHAOS is trying to save mankind. Human body is a dynamic machine run by the mind and is constantly being fuelled by food and oxygen. The linear Euclidean mathematical rules of conventional sciences do not apply to the human organism. The conventinal risk factor hypotheses have been proven wrong time and again. The pooling Project Data have shown that while only 10% of those with more than six risk factors eventually had a heart attack, 60% of those who had a heart attack did have ONE or NONE of the conventional risk factors operating in them. Still we hang on to the old theories.

Mind runs the body, and the connection between the two is so intimate, that it is difficult to separate one from the other. Anger is now shown to be the greatest risk facctor for stroke and even heart attacks. Heart rate variability is common in children; as age advances it gradually becomes the obvious. If one can keep the heart rate variability capacity of the young for a long time in later life one can avoid serious problems like heart attacks. It is shown with the latest technology that the heart rate variability of childhood can be restored in adults by instilling the capacity to love and help others in this world. All negative feelings of the present day world like hatred, jealousy, anger, frustratin, loleliness and pride reduce the heart rate variability - the most important protective factor for long and happy life on this planet.

Dr. Ramesh Kapadia, a noted cardiologist of India, has taken the right step in this direction to educate our people in the right methods of healthy life-style. His book gives one the necessary guidance to achieve the right environment for healthy growth and healthful living. Holistic living, with a mind full of love for others, is the best preventive against most, if not all, degenerative disorders. It is better than lowering one’s cholesterol or sugar. The methods advocated by Dr. Kapadia are excellent and have been advised even in the Ayurvedic literature. This time-honoured wisdom of the East has to spread to the West as well. I am sure that this book will serve that purpose very well. I wish the book the success that it richly deserves.

Kasturba Medical College, B.M. Hegde
Mangalore -575 001 Dean
MD., FRCP (London)., FRCP (Edin).,
FRCP (Glasg)., FACC.,
Visiting Professor of Cardiology,
The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London.

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