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5-Presenting results

In presenting the results of the assessment, indicate the following information.

Whether there is an outbreak of acute diarrhoeal disease.
If the clinical diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory tests.
The number of cases and deaths so far.
The geographical distribution of the cases.
The size of the population at risk.
If the outbreak is spreading and where.
Whether antimicrobial sensitivities have been assessed.
Whether emergency plans for epidemic control have been implemented.
Whether national and international reporting is occurring.
How satisfactory the case management is.

Box 1.Treatment of cholera and dysentery


The mainstay of treatment is ORS or - in severe cases - intravenous fluids until oral fluids can be taken. Antimicrobial treatment will shorten the duration of illness, decrease excretion of vibrios and reduce fluid loss - but is not essential for successful treatment and should be reserved for severe cases only.

Epidemic dysentery (Sd1)

Selection of appropriate antimicrobials should be based on laboratory results of resistance patterns.

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