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Table of Contents- Course objectives

Lesson 1 - Risk Factors for Communicable Diseases after Disasters

Identify risk factors for communicable diseases after natural and manmade disasters in both developed and developing countries.

Gain an overall understanding of postdisaster experience with communicable diseases.

Lesson 2 - Postdisaster Potential of Communicable Disease Epidemics

Recognize the potential of epidemic outbreaks of communicable diseases after disaster.
Recognize the different ways in which susceptible individuals may be exposed to endemic diseases.
Know the risks involved in encamped populations.
Know the sanitary requirements for encamped populations.

Lesson 3 - Setting Up Systems for the Surveillance of Communicable
and Selected Noncommunicable Diseases

Recognize the appropriate organization of surveillance systems.
Identify diseases to include in a surveillance system.
Recognize the appropriate method for the collection, interpretation and utilization of data.
Recognize the importance of feedback to field workers.

Lesson 4 - Operational Aspects of Disease Surveillance after Disaster

Become aware of the need to investigate rumors and reports of communicable disease outbreaks.
Recognize the importance of using laboratories in disaster situations.
Understand the importance of presenting epidemiologic information to decision makers.
Recognize the importance of surveillance during and after the recovery phase.

Lesson 5 - The Control of Communicable Disease after Disaster

Become knowledgeable of issues in the management of environmental health.
Identify factors to be considered when carrying out immunizations during emergencies.
Recognize issues to be considered in chemotherapy during emergencies.
Become familiar with issues involved in quarantine and isolation.
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