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Annex 9. Medical equipment of the health centre or hospital for coping with a disaster

The following is a model list of medical equipment and supplies that would be useful in the event of a disaster. The items selected will depend on the professional skills available in the team.

Syringes, sterile disposable, Luer 2 ml
Syringes, sterile disposable, Luer 10 ml
Needles, sterile disposable, 0.8 x 40 mm/G21 x 11/2” (0.8 x 38 mm)
Needles, sterile disposable, 0.5 x 16 mm/G25 x 5/8”(0.5 x 15 mm)
Interchangeable glass syringes, Luer 2 ml
Interchangeable glass syringes, Luer 10 ml
Interchangeable needles, Luer, 144 assorted
Sterile swabs
Suture set
Scalpel handle
Artery forceps
Dissecting forceps
Disposable blades
Scissors, straight
Scissors, suture
Thermometer, clinical
Stethoscopes, standard and fetal
Sphygmomanometer, aneroid
Vaginal speculum, Graves
Tongue depressor, metal
Urethral sounds, Foley type Nos 10-18
Drains or tubes for thoracic drainage with ancillary equipment and bottles
Assorted tips
Tracheal cannulae
Kit for intravenous injections in children
Laryngoscopes for neonates, children and adults (complete)
Endotracheal tubes
Oxygen masks for children and adults + oxygen supply
Nasogastric tubes, infant No. 5 (premature baby) polyethylene
Nasogastric tubes, infant No. 8 (newborn) polyethylene
Nasogastric tubes No. 12 polyethylene
Needles, epicranial
Gloves, re-usable
Gloves, sterile disposable
Dressing trays with lid, stainless steel
Basins, kidney, 350 ml, stainless steel
Basins, round with lid, 240 ml, stainless steel
Basins, round, 600 ml, stainless steel
Gauze swabs, 5x5 cm, packets of 100
Gauze swabs, sterile 10 x 10 cm, packets of 5
Eye pads (sterile)
Paraffin gauze dressings, 10 x 10 cm, tins of 36
Sanitary towels
White cotton wool, 500 g roll
Zinc oxide plaster, roll 25 mm x 0.9 m
Gauze bandages, 25 mm x 9 m
Gauze bandages, 50 mm x 9 m
Gauze bandages, 75 mm x 9 m
Plaster of Paris bandages, 3 inches by 3 yards (75 mm x 2.7 m) packets of 1 dozen
Pneumatic splints, a selection
Safety pins, 40 mm
Hand towels
Soap, disinfectant
Plastic sheets

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