( By Sangeeta S. Bhagwat )

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The initial protective instincts for a loved one, may prompt you into trying to do everything yourself. If assistance is offered, do not hesitate to accept it. This will help you conserve energy, as also give yourself and your patient, a change.

Most things, you will have to do yourself. But help can always be taken for housekeeping, grocery and medicine shopping, baby-sitting, dog walking, driving, etc.. At least the burden of ordinary chores can be relieved.

Many of the people surrounding you may want to help and cannot imagine how to do this. Tell them yourself. Pride and ego have no place in such situations.

If it becomes necessary and you can afford it, consider day care facilities or nursing assistance at home. Choose pragmatic options over emotional ones. Help of this kind will allow you to enhance your productivity and income. This can provide change as well as financial relief.

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