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Questions And Answers

.: My boy friend has kissed me. Will I get pregnant?

A. :
No. For the pregnancy to occur, the semen of a man has to fall in the vagina of a woman.

Q.: Will menstruation cause anaemia?
A. : No. the loss is compensated soon.

Q.: I get frequent wet dreams. how to stop them?
A. : It is natural. A wet dream is like a safety valve of the cooker. You do not need any treatment. It will be less when it finds an alternative vent, like masturbation or marital sexual intercourse.

Q.: When a boy gets sexually stimulated, he gets erection and ejaculation. What changes take place in a girl?
A. : Girl gets wetness in the vagina, but she does not ejaculate any fluid at the time of climax.

Q.: Does celibacy lead to healthier life?
A. : There is no evidence that a celibate person lives longer and healthier life. On the contrary, married men like Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, Shri. Vishweshwaraiyah Pandit Satavalekar who lived for over 10 years and achieved great heights in their life.

Q.: At what age the boys and girls should get married?
A. : Legally a boy of 21 and a girl of 18 can get married. Their bodies are mature by then, but their minds are not. They might not be able to select partner judiciously at that age. Unless one completes the education, builds up a career, enjoys economic independence by having a job/profession, able to afford a home for the family, has been prepared for responsible parenthood, a marriage should not be thought of. This may be possible after 20 years for girls; and after 23 years for boys.

Q.: My friend is married to a woman 5 years older to him. They say he may suffer from disease like T.B. or Cancer.
A. : It does not cause any disease. Only that his marriage is unconventional, hence criticised.

Q.: Is it necessary for boys to get an experience of sexual intercourse before marriage?
A. : No. In fact such attempt could prove dangerous since contracting STD, HIV infection or a failure in sexual performance could be inevitable.

Q.: How to identify that the girl had an intercourse?
A. : Not possible. Why worry, the virginity and the character are in the mind and not between the two legs.

Q.: I am afraid to get married. Will it pain me when the penis goes in my vagina?
A. : No. The vagina is very expansile. A baby having its head-circumference of 35 cms comes out through the same passage. The size of penis is nothing as ocmpared to it. Do you get pain while swallowing the food like a laddu? Intercourse is as physiological as eating. It is not the penis but the fear and anticipation of pain that cause real problem. Love and foreplay preceeding to the introduction of the penis relaxes and dilates the vagina.

Q.: Is the first wedding night most tittilating and memorable?
A. : No. it is a myth. On the other hand, it could be disappointing one. The reasons are many. Both, husband and wife are novice to the sexual intercourse. Both are ignorant about the genitals and about the sexual act. Both are tired, and therefore sex may not work. The first wedding night and the successive few nights are mant for understanding each other. The expertise in sex performance is achieved by trial and error, since there is no avenue for guidance.

Q.: A friend of mine told me that the child is born from the naval (belly button). Another friend told me that the child is brought from the hospital. Which is true?
A. : None of these is true. The child is born from the passage in between the two thighs of the mother, called vagina. Doctors and nurses help the process of delivery in the hospital.

Q.: Is delivery a painful process to a woman?
A. : Not much. The great reward of motherhood makes a woman bear this pain. Delivery is a physiological process found in all the mammals including human beings.

Q.: Is sex a Sin?
A. : No. This is the only natural way of reproduction in human beings, for prepogation of life. Sexual reproduction is found in all mammals and in flowering plants. “Sin” is a man made concept. Responding to the nature cannot be a sin.

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